Payroll Management

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Payroll Management

Payroll management module allows you to manage all the tasks related to payroll very easily. You create a different salary structure for your teaching staff and non-teaching staff. While defining the salary structure you can set the rules for calculating the salary parts (allowances) and deductions (Provident Fund, Professional Tax) applicability differently for each structure as per our school administration.


Manage the leave (Sick leave, Casual Leave) of the staff and also can keep a track of the staff’s leave.


You can issue and track the loans issued to employees, also define the rules (monthly deductions) for the recovery of such loans that deducts from employee’s salary.


Automatically calculates the Net Salary, Gross Salary of each employee based on the worked days and salary structure applied to employee.

pay slips

We offer extensive customization of the pay slips that provide the employee details such as identification number, name, worked days, absent days, salary deducted, etc.

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