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Fee Collection and Payment System

HDSchool provides you fees collection module where you can define different type of school fees (example: Tuition, Stationery, Uniform) to be collected from a specific year/semester. This module allows you to define fee groups according to your school rules and apply the different fees defined to the students as required. For example, you can create ‘fee group’ as Nursery, Primary, etc with fee types as ‘Tuition Fee’, ‘Stationery fee’, ‘Uniform Fee’, ‘Transportation Fee’ etc.

Fee groups

Define different Fee groups for e.g. transportation Fees, Nursery to UKG Fees, Primary section fees (I to IV).


Define penalty or late payment fees that get applied daily, weekly etc.


Give last minute discounts while collecting fees.

Payment Modes

Accept Fees in cash, credit card, NEFT, Check, etc.

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