HDSalon Solutions for Krazia PARIS

December 6, 2021 in Point of Sale

HDSalon Solutions for Krazia PARIS

Krazia started as an initiative in Paris providing the industry with their niche services. They have recently expanded their services in India on a very large scale offering bridal and other salon services, through a dedicated team and customer support services.

Krazia Paris is using HD Salon which is a dedicated POS and Billing management software by Hyperdrive Solutions.

Challenges Faced By Krazia Paris

i. Managing Appointments

This is a major challenge that every salon faces. Once Krazia started gaining popularity and customer footfall rose, they immediately felt a need for dedicated software that could manage appointments easily.

ii. Inventory Management

Inventory management is not just for the retail outlets but when you are managing your own salon, you need hair gels, makeup products, and other items to be present in your inventory.

Imagine a scenario, if a customer walks in to get her hair highlighted and you are out of the product? Such instances bring negative word of mouth and a bad name to the salon.

iii. Packages and Coupons

Another important aspect of the salon business that Krazia struggled with is packages and coupons. It’s important for a salon to offer combo packages and discount coupons as a marketing strategy. Not only does it bring footfall but also brings good business.

iv. Employee Management

Salon business is an entirely customer-centric business and managing employees effectively is important. Krazia struggled with employee attendance and appointments, which led to dissatisfaction both among the employees and the customers.

Solutions Offered By HD SALON

HDSalon came as a blessing for Krazia and offered solutions on multiple fronts including bookkeeping, POS, Billing, Managing appointments, and Inventory. With HDSalon you can manage appointments by selecting customers and services along with a simple drag-drop, to assign multiple services or service providers.

HDSalon also helped in providing unique ways to manage inventory levels to maintain stocks of required business products based on the need.

Managers at Krazia are also able to assign appointments to employees, manage effective work hours and provide incentives based on their performance. It has also enabled them to provide customized packages and discounts for their customers, both to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. This has allowed them to grow multifold and expand towards multiple outlets and franchises.

HDSalon comes with a customized calendar view that enables you to view daily appointments in days, weeks, and upcoming months.  

“Subscribing to HDSalon has made a world of a difference to us both in terms of management and customer satisfaction. We have now become one of the sought-after beauty destinations”, says Sunaina Director Krazia Salon (PAN India).

Their franchise model is growing multifold and HDSalon has helped them gain a lot of traction in this space. With HDSalon billing solutions they have access to real-time data of sales, revenue, inventory, and employees.