December 15, 2019 in Point of Sale


Top reasons to go with HDPOS

HDPOS is used by Retailers all around the world. HDPOS is offered as on premise or cloud-based service. We offer free software updates and provide industry-leading up-time, with amazing support. See how it compares to Tally systems.

Built for Retailers

HDPOS is built for retailers in mind. Our fast and express checkout with or without bar-code scanner gives a seamless billing experience. We support touch screen monitors. Our user interface is modern, colorful and image driven. Our companion apps help you stay on top of your business.

Feature Rich POS software

HDPOS is especially good at handling inventory and financial accounting besides billing activities. This is a feature rich application that can used in variety of retail outlets like grocery stores, garment stores, shoe shops, coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, gift shops to name a few. 

Reliable cloud service with top-speed performance

HDPOS can be used for multiple locations on cloud-based, with an industry-leading up-time. When internet is down, HDPOS can switch to offline mode. You can continue to accept payments and run operations seamlessly during offline mode. Retailers can also use HDPOS on their own servers and manage multiple locations over static IP.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Custom reports is strength of HDPOS. In your business you’d like to view sales per by brand, customer, category, tag, or any other keyword, you can do so in just few clicks. We will do the reports you need related to your products, customers, suppliers, sales, purchases, profits, discounts, pending amounts, balance sheets and many more.

Excellent support and Resources

Our focus is on customer Support. We are focused on trying to keep the software easy to use. In addition to all of the above, this product is backed by a team of professional to help you work with many different features, design your product catalog, design reports based on your data needs, help you customize your invoice printing and all other printing requirements.

HDPOS Vs Tally

Product ComparisonHDPOS SmartTally ERP 9
Single User Price₹ 1,300/Single User₹ 708/Single User
Payment TypeMonthly SubscriptionMonthly Subscription
User InterfaceIntuitiveDOS-like UI
Pre-defined System Reports600+Less than 100
Android AppsAvailableAvailable
Touch Screen FriendlyYesNo
Multi-Language TranslationAvailableAvailable
Pictorial BillingAvailableNot Available
Inventory ManagementAvailableAvailable
Inventory Drill Down ViewAvailableNot Available
Sales Drill Down ViewAvailableNot Available
Bank ReconciliationAvailableAvailable
Offer ManagementAvailableNot Available
Loyalty ManagementAvailableNot Available
DashboardSupports multiple graphsSupports up to 6 graphs
Event LogsAvailableNot Available
Multiple CompaniesAvailableAvailable
Employee Session ManagementAvailableNot Available
Gift CardsAvailableNot Available
Excel Import/ExportAvailableAvailable
Weighing Scale IntegrationAvailableAvailable
Warehouse ManagementAvailableAvailable
Stock AuditAvailableNot Available
Label ManagementAvailableNot Available
Inventory Reorder ManagementAvailableNot Available
Service ManagementAvailableNot Available
Schedules ManagementAvailableNot Available
Accounting & LedgersAvailableAvailable
Sorting (Repacking) ManagementAvailableNot Available
Password ProtectionAvailableNot Available
Tax ManagementAvailableAvailable
Time In/Time Out ManagementAvailableNot Available
Email & SMSAvailableAvailable
Barcode Scanning & PrintingAvailableAvailable
Customer Facing Display IntegrationAvailableNot Available
Pole Display IntegrationAvailableNot Available
E-Commerce IntegrationAvailableNot Available
Software UpdatesFreeChargeable