December 11, 2019 in Point of Sale


Top reasons why retailers love HDPOS

Amazing Single solution for all Businesses

One of the reasons customers love HDPOS is because of its vast feature list.  Besides ton of features to manage your Point of sale, it provides detailed handling of financial Accounting, Inventory and a strong CRM. HDPOS offers easy Data correction and action audit  capabilities which is very useful in retail business. With our huge customer base we understand retail and you’ll be dealing with people who understand what you’re going through.

It has Multiple deployment modes

HDPOS is applicable to businesses of all sizes. For your small store It can be installed on a single computer. It can be used in client server mode with one central server and many client nodes. It can be used in SAAS model, as hosted server. With industry expected SQL server as a database engine HDPOS billing software can handle very large data at a very good speed.

Companion E commerce solution

HDPOS smart offers an add-on service that will help you take your business online with absolute ease. No more waiting to design your website, no more additional expenses to get it developed. Website is completely integrated with your HDPOS smart. Orders generated on website will show up on your HDPOS smart terminal. Our robust inventory control features and detailed reporting also work across both channels seamlessly.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Custom reports in strength of HDPOS. In your business you’d like to view sales per by brand, customer, category, tag, or any other keyword, you can do so in just few clicks. We will do the reports you need related to your products, customers, suppliers, sales, purchases, profits, discounts, pending amounts, balance sheets and many more.

Excellent support and Resources

Our focus is on customer Support. We are focused on trying to keep the software easy to use. In addition to all of the above, this product is backed by a team of professional to help you work with many different features, design your product catalog, design reports based on your data needs, help you customize your invoice printing and all other printing requirements.

HDPOS Vs GoFrugal

FeaturesHDPOS smart (SA)GOFRUGAL (Starter)
Software Price₹1300 (Monthly)₹15000
Payment TypeMonthly & Yearly
Only Yearly Subscription
PlatformWindows OSWindows OS
Android AppsAvailableAvailable
DashboardAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
BOM ManagementAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Item SortingAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Item EAN CodeAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Sales Price Mark-upAvailableAdditional Charge ₹5000
Item Sales Price HistoryAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Multi-Language TranslationAvailableNot Available
Weighing Scale IntegrationAvailableAvailable
Weighing Scale Barcode Sticker
Support for Sales Invoice
AvailableAdditional Charge ₹5000
Tally IntegrationAvailableAdditional Charges ₹8000
Offer CouponsAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Gift CardsAvailableAdditional Charge ₹5000
Loyalty ProgramAvailableAdditional Charge ₹8000
Offers7 different types of offers, all
available as Free
Additional Charge ₹8000 and
supports only 2 offer types.
Accounting & LedgersAvailableAvailable
Purchase OrderAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Item Reorder ManagementAvailableAdditional Charge ₹5000
Stock AuditAvailableAdditional Charge ₹5000
Stock LedgerAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Inventory Drill Down ViewAvailableNot Available
Stock TransferAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Rate Card (Purchase Price Code
on Barcode Sticker)
AvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Inventory Analytical ReportsAvailable as system default
and are of free
Additional Charge ₹3000
Label ManagementAvailableAvailable
Employee Clock In Clock OutAvailableNot Available
Cash Register association with
Item Collection
AvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Event LogsAvailableNot Available
Employee managementAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Customer Item & Customer
AvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Pole Display SupportAvailableAvailable
Multiple LocationAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Multiple Companies BillingAvailableAdditional Charge ₹8000
Price ListAvailableAdditional Charge ₹3000
Total Cost Yearly₹1300*12₹15,000 + ₹1,05,000
(Additional Charges)
You Pay₹15,600 only₹1,20,000