Billing software for shoe store: Easy Billing

  • Scan your item’s barcode with ease for quick billing; also HDPOS billing software for shoe store have smart name searches with search codes to give you alternates for the scanning barcode.
  • Adding data fields to your item provides lot more information about them e.g. size, brand, type etc.
  • Customers can be informed about the applicable offer during active bill with the help of auto offer management on billing screen.
  • Automate price list according to customer group or your business location with HDPOS best shoe billing software.
  • Manually control the selection of price during active bill for item with multiple prices.
  • One or more items can same barcode in HDPOS shoe pos software.
  • Provide spot on discount for ongoing bills if needed with HDPOS billing software for shoe store.
  • Accept payments in different payment modes.
  • Different payment modes are made available in HDPOS best pos system for shoe shop. To make billing easy.
  • Sales tax can be managed per item whether it is In state tax or Out state tax.
  • With HDPOS shoe billing system software Manage your purchase entries with supplier payments.
  • Take your shoe store online to make it big for your business.

Shoe recurring billing software: Manage Your Large Inventory

  • HDPOS best pos system for shoe shop Maintain large inventory, with easy excel upload of over 50000+ SKU’s.
  • Items can be divided on the basis of categories and sub categories.
  • Inventory can be viewed on the basis of these Categorizations separately.
  • An introduction or addition of new category can be made whenever needed.
  • Dynamic drill down view of your inventory based on the inventory view.
  • HDPOS shoe pos software provides you with dynamic drill down view of your inventory.
  • Making stock entries through excel is also supported by HDPOS smart Shoe recurring billing software.

Best shoe billing software: Stock Movement

  • Multiple warehouse management with billing software for shoe store.
  • Shift and document the shifting of stocks between warehouses or companies.
  • Keep stock in Transit, while the stock is on the way to destination.
  • Track the stock kept at different customer locations (but not yet billed).
  • One warehouse can be used to handle different company’s stocks.
  • A ledger page of all stock transactions are created for each item at any warehouse.
  • Simple Double-Click on any transaction on the ledger page to view the associated document in best shoe billing software.

Shoe pos software: Data Correction

  • Having errors in data entry is a common mistake, HDPOS best shoe billing software makes it easy for you to correct data.
  • Robust way to edit / delete wrong bills and GRN.
  • Shifting the invoice numbers to fill in the gaps of wrong invoices.
  • Data entries can be corrected in all data types.
  • Auto correction of transaction records associated with data corrections.

Billing software for shoe store: Stock Corrections

  • HDPOS shoe billing system software provides an easy way to do stock correction whenever there is miss-match in the physical to system stock.
  • Document your missing stock, as after each stock change in the system a document is created in the system to make it easy for you to track and audit changes..
  • Manage dump stock, get reports of your dump stock and track your wastage.(example, raw materials/ingredients).

Best pos system for shoe shop: Daily Sales

  • Bills made on any terminal can be viewed quickly in HDPOS billing software for shoe store.
  • Each terminal can check the last few bills made form there system from billing dashboard itself.
  • Daily sales can be analyzed broken item wise.
  • Apply Inventory “Views” to daily sales.
  • Rolled up totals of daily sales can be checked at any level in your category tree.
  • Check your total sales or sales returns between two dates.

Billing software for shoe store: Tax Management

  • Define Tax without any complicated method with HDPOS shoe recurring billing software.
  • Add Tax while creating item or while excel upload.
  • Invoice level tax along with item level tax can be applied additionally.
  • If you have to collect more than one tax HDPOS smart allows you to define custom tax structures on your items.
  • HDPOS simple billing software shoe industry provides you the facilities to merge more taxes with Tax structure(e.g. GST= CGST+ SGST).
  • You can change your tax definitions in the way tax applicability changes time to time.
  • Tax can be changed time to time, so HDPOS tax functionality enables you to change the tax with time.
  • With HDPOS shoe pos software choose what tax to apply per item on a running bill or while making purchase entry.

Customize Your Sales Invoice with simple billing software shoe industry

  • HDPOS best pos system for shoe shop gives you the freedom to make changes in your invoice format according to your needs.
  • Use logos, specific fonts for establishing branding.
  • Add your terms and conditions.
  • HDPOS shoe pos billing system is supportive of various regional languages.
  • Support for dot-matrix printer in text mode.

Print Your Barcode Stickers with simple billing software shoe industry

  • HDPOS Shoe recurring billing software is compatible with barcode designing.
  • Laser or an ink-jet or any barcode printer can be used to print barcode.
  • Compatible for partial sheet printing.

Customer Management with simple billing software shoe industry

  • Customers can be added using just their contact details.
  • HDPOS Shoe recurring billing software has a shortcut to add customer is while making an invoice.
  • Customers can be grouped differentiated over various criteria.
  • You can fix a credit limit for your customer.
  • Payment whether outstanding or cleared can be viewed using customer ledger.
  • You can notify your customers immediately for pending payments via SMS or email.
  • HDPOS best shoe billing software provides you with plenty of options to attract your customer by making Offers, Discount coupons, Gift cards etc.

2-Way SMS Support with shoe pos software

  • With SMS integration in HDPOS simple billing software shoe industry you can send invoices and receipts to your customers in your any regional language.
  • Send report request (send SMS ex: “RPT4”) to HDPOS best shoe billing software and receive same report via SMS in no time. Or you can manually schedule no. of reports to be sent to you at a specific time on regular basis.
  • SMS integration can be done using a dongle, or bulk SMS gateways.
  • We at HDPOS shoe pos software can help you integrate the SMS API provided by your SMS gateway provider.

HDPOS Shoe pos billing system: Financial Accounting

  • All the accounts required for Accounting by a shoe store are self created by HDPOS shoe pos billing system.
  • Accounts that are needed over the auto generated FA, can be created manually.
  • Company, Financial Accounts and Financial Transactions can be transferred to Tally from HDPOS smart via simple export and Import.
  • Composite ledgers are the ledgers of two or more accounts together; HDPOS billing software for shoe store has the ability to view Composite Ledgers.
  • Cash Register Management is awesome in HDPOS best pos system for shoe shop.

Analytical Reports

While you are using HDPOS smart shoe pos billing system you can run several reports which can be customized to your business needs:
  • Such reports can be created that will reflect which size shoes are selling most.
  • You can check what brand you sell most, what are fastest moving items etc.
  • Fetch reports on your dead stock.
  • There such reports that will help you recollect the information about the time when your sales is maximum.
  • Reports will also help you know the latest trends and have those stocked in your Inventories.
  • See your daily sales statistics, sales returns, stock items and short stocks.

Shoe billing system software Event Log Management

  • Data changes or any event happened can be recorded anytime with HDPOS simple billing software shoe industry.
  • Even if you are not able to go to your store, you can know about any changes done to your database.
  • Create event for any object in the system and get notification of any event happened via email or SMS.
  • Record events in the system and view them later in reports or on the screen if not able to use SMS or mail services.

Access Rights

  • In HDPOS Shoe recurring billing software Access rights: Is feature that helps you manage what functionalities can be accessed or not accessed.
  • Flexible in managing user designation and restricting access to various parts by login id.
  • Control over all functionalities in every module.
  • An additional password can be set for extra protection.
  • Divide your systems into groups, and restrict access of functionality of application from specific computer.
  • Create employee groups, functionality groups and manage access rights effectively.

HDPOS Shoe billing system software: Scheduler

  • SMS or emails can be received from HDPOS shoe pos billing system in order to check any report, using scheduler.
  • Scheduler can be set at any time of the day, on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Also reports can be generated and sent at the login time and logout time.
  • Get SMS & email notification of your daily sales from your computer, as scheduled.

Discounts Coupons and Offers

  • Get a number of offers types handling with HDPOS best shoe billing software.
  • Discount can be applied on items before hand or at the time of making sale.
  • Spot discounts are the discount given to customer if any negotiation happens.
  • HDPOS shoe recurring billing software facilitates you to make and print discount coupons.
  • These coupons can also be sent to the customers via SMS or emails.
  • Create “One Time Use” or “Unlimited” or “Limited” usage Coupons
  • News Paper / Handout Coupons can be made.

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