Jewellery billing software: Smart Billing

  • HDPOS jewelry retail software provides with quick billing with easy scanning of item barcode with easy name search and item search codes.
  • Creating your own item data fields e.g. Style, Design, for gender etc. has been made easy.
  • Manage Different Sales tax per item for the active bill.
  • Apply tax per item for a active bill with HDPOS jewelry inventory management software.
  • Weighing scale interface to weigh your Jewelry items.
  • Create specific offers and have auto applicability of offer on billing screen.
  • Create multiple price lists by Customer group or business location for auto price management.
  • Create multiple price lists for item to be able to select at the time of billing for Manual Price Control.
  • On spot discount for last minute negotiations with customer and can accept payments in different payment modes.
  • With HDPOS jewellery accounting with billing manage your purchase entries with respective supplier payments.
  • Immediately take your jeweler store online with HDPOS online jewellery billing system & promote your store to world for increase in your sale.

Data Correction in HDPOS Jewelry Inventory Software

  • Data correction can be difficult at some point because of the transactions involves, but with HDPOS jewelry retail software data correction are as easy as one could think of.
  • Smart and Auto management of transaction records associated with data corrections.
  • Edit or delete wrong invoices/purchase entries in a secured way.
  • Rectify your data details in all document types with HDPOS jewelry inventory management software.
  • Shifting the invoice numbers upwards or downward to fill in the gaps of wrong invoices.

Jewelry Inventory Management Software

  • Management of inventory for Jewellery business is well handled with HDPOS jewelry inventory software.
  • Ability to add secondary measuring unit and maintain stock as per the same.
  • Define BOM of your Jewellery items and include labour and packaging charges.
  • Categories and subcategories if defined by you can make your item search more sorted.
  • Dynamic drill down view of your inventory at any category level with its total.
  • The stock audits with Excel exports and checking the difference between system stock and actual stock are done easily with HDPOS jewelry inventory management software.

Make Plan with Jewelry Inventory Software

  • Create Make Plan to plan your raw material needs based on your pending orders or future planning.
  • HDPOS software for jewellery shop helps users plan purchases based on existing orders.
  • In Make Plan document mention quantity based on your orders or future planning and HDPOS jewelry inventory software will check your existing stock and show you the short stock.
  • Make Plan is a powerful tool HDPOS jewellery accounting with billing offers you to plan your production and raw material purchases.
  • You can assign and distribute your production responsibilities to your employees and keep track of their production.
  • Get detailed reports on work performed by individual employees / contractors.
  • Make Plans also give you the ability to view the raw material required for the customer orders you take.
  • It can also show you what raw material is falling short and auto generate PO (Purchase Order) for you.

Manage Exchange with Jewelry Inventory Software

  • Accept old jewellery that the customer is exchanging with HDPOS software for jewellery shop.
  • Create a new item for jewellery (if not exist in the inventory) being accepted from customer.
  • Use the multiple/single exchange amount on same day or later day against customer single or multiple purchases.
  • Every exchange is associated to a specific customer.

Stock Movement with HDPOS Jewelry Inventory Management Software

  • Multiple warehouses are managed with HDPOS jewelry inventory management software.
  • Stock movement between warehouses or company is easy to record with HDPOS jewelry inventory management software.
  • Keep stock in Transit until it reaches its destination.
  • The stock which is not yet billed but kept at customers place can be tracked.
  • Maintain same warehouse for stock of different companies with HDPOS software for jewellery shop.
  • See all stock transaction with total of a specific or all warehouses within a date range and a simple double click will show the detailed document of the transaction.

Stock Corrections with Jewelry Inventory Software

  • After finding the difference in actual and system stock, HDPOS jewellery billing software helps you to correct the differences.
  • Keep the track of the corrected stock and you can check a specific report regarding that anytime.
  • HDPOS billing software for jewellery shop provides a simple way to correct and document the missing or discarded stock.
  • Changes in the stock will create a document in the system to make is easy to track anytime later.
  • Support for EXCEL files while doing stock audits.

Daily Sales with HDPOS Jewellery Billing Software

  • View all the bills made from specific terminal or all terminals.
  • With HDPOS jewelry retail software analyze your daily sales view broken by items.
  • Daily sales can be viewed according to the items sale.
  • View sales in a date range and of your mentioned business location.
  • View Daily sales as rolled up totals at any level in your category tree or view.
  • Corresponding Sales invoice or sales return of selected item can be viewed in daily sales.

Tax Management

  • The tax can be defined with HDPOS billing software for jewellery shop in easy and flexible way.
  • Easily add Tax while you define item or while adding item with excel upload.
  • Add tax to item while adding details of item in HDPOS jewellery accounting with billing software or through excel.
  • You can also add tax to item and apply additional tax while making invoice with jewelry inventory software.
  • Manage tax of every level and create tax structure where you can combine two or more taxes to apply on a single item.
  • HDPOS jewellery billing software gives you flexibility to change the defined tax as the tax applicability changes.

Customize Your Sales Invoice

  • Sales receipt can be customized in your company’s format.
  • Authorize your brand in your sales invoice with your logos and other details.
  • Create and print your sales invoice in your regional language and add your company’s terms and conditions.
  • Print invoice in text mode too as HDPOS billing software for jewellery shop supports for dot-matrix printer in text mode.

Print Your Barcode Stickers

  • With HDPOS jewelry retail software Incorporate your logo and design in your barcode stickers.
  • Print your barcode stickers as soon as you make the purchase record.
  • Print your purchase price on the sticker in the encrypted format.
  • Use dedicated sticker printers.
  • Supports normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing.
  • Support for A4 size and partial sticker sheets.

Customer Management

  • Customer’s record can be manually added to the HDPOS… or with the help of excel.
  • Group customers in different ways to provide them with offers or different prices.
  • HDPOS Smart helps you to maintain customer’s credit limit to restraint their credit amount.
  • View the information related to customer’s pending payments and notifies them about the same through emails or SMS.
  • Create loyalty programs, store credits and provide customers with gift card and coupons.
  • Sell and recharge Gift cards to customers and can also receive payment through them.

2-Way SMS Support

  • Send invoices or receipts to customers by SMS in your regional language.
  • Schedule a time to receive Reports like Daily Sales, Stock position, Cash Register Balance Etc via SMS from your computer.
  • You can send Simple SMS (ex: “RPT4”) to HDPOS smart jewellery billing software to get the report of your choice SMS back to you.
  • HDPOS billing software for jewellery shop will integrate with your SMS gateway provider using HTTP API or it will work over a dongle

Financial Accounting

  • The accounts which are used in the transactions are all auto generated.
  • Manually create any number of financial accounts which are used for journal entry.
  • Deport your Companies, Financial Accounts and Financial Transactions in Tally from HDPOS jewellery accounting with billing via simple export and Import.
  • Ability to see account wise transactions with in a date range and of specific business location.
  • Flexibility to see combined ledger of single account or all accounts.
  • Strong and well built Cash Register Management with HDPOS jewellery accounting with billing.

Analytical Reports

While you are using HDPOS smart you can run several reports which can be customized to your business needs:
  • While using HDPOS jewelry retail software use more than 600 system reports with option of customizing several reports to your business needs.
  • With HDPOS jewellery accounting software know your daily sales and your rush hours to manage staff timing accordingly.
  • Quick check on stock and know your short stock and dead stock.
  • Check your most selling style or accessories.
  • Add your own favorite group of reports which you access daily and make your search easy.

Event Log Management

  • Automatic log creation of the data changes in your HDPOS jewellery billing software.
  • Define events to know the creation/modify/delete in any object in your software.
  • Easy to know the updates in the database even you are not around via email or SMS.
  • Even if email or SMS doesn’t work, you can record events in the system and view them later on the screen.
  • With HDPOS jewellery accounting software record data change events like, change in item prices, adding of new items etc.

Access Rights with Jewelry Retail Software

  • Restrict access to employees with login ids of functionality according to their designation with jewellery accounting software.
  • Create passwords for functionalities to keep limited no. of accesses to that functionality.
  • Restrict access from areas of application from specific computer.
  • Create a group of employees or computers to which you want to restrict same functionality.
  • Create functionality groups, if there are many functionalities to be restricted for a single employee.

Discounts Coupons and Offers

  • Create offers which will help you to promote your sale.
  • Give discounts on items, invoice total or specific category etc.
  • Provide discount at the time of billing if any negotiations happen.
  • Create and print discount Coupons in your customized design to give it to customers via email or SMS.
  • With HDPOS jewellery accounting software make Customer specific Coupons and limit date range and coupon usages if needed.

Manage Scheduler with Jewellery Accounting Software

  • Receive information which you need regularly at specific times in a day via SMS or email in HDPOS jewellery accounting software.
  • Schedule reports to be send at login or log out time.
  • Get you daily sales report at the end of the date at scheduled time or when the employee logout at end of the day.

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