Smart Billing for Garment Store

  • HDPOS smart Garment billing software avails you with the barcode scanning and smart name searches.
  • Add your business specific customized data fields to your HDPOS smart garment billing software. For example: color, size, brand, design etc.
  • Manage your Offers with the predefined schemes and also notify customers about applicable offers.
  • Create multiple prices for item through Price list feature by customer groups, or business locations.
  • Manual Price change and discounts for the last minute negotiations.
  • Manage Your Sales tax per item for the ongoing bill and receive payment from customer in different payment modes.
  • With billing system your purchase entries and supplier payments can be managed in one single click.
  • Use our Auto Make and Auto Break functionality when you buy garments in bulk from your suppliers e.g. Packet of 4 shirts of same size but different colors. You can choose to sell the entire packet or sell each shirt separately.
  • Now you can take your Garment store online & reach the world to have the positive impact on your sales.

Data Correction

  • Data corrections are made easy in HDPOS smart Garment billing software.
  • Now edit/delete wrong Sales invoices/Purchase entries on a single click.
  • Correct your data entries in all document types.
  • Shift the invoice numbers upward/downward to fill in the gaps of wrong invoices.
  • Smart management of transaction records associated with data corrections.

Manage Your Large Inventory

  • If you have large inventory, then HDPOS smart garment billing software is the right option for you.
  • Different views of your inventory with your own customized categories and sub categories.
  • Easy view of Inventory at any category level with rolled up totals.
  • Inventory can be viewed at any category level with rolled up totals.
  • Dynamic drill down view of your inventory based on the inventory view.
  • Easy and quick way to do stock audits and finding discrepancies in actual stock and expected stock.
  • Support import export of excel files while doing stock audits.

Manage Stock

  • Manage various Measuring unit for the same product for purchase and sales.
  • Easy auto conversion for Auto Make and Auto Break item stock
  • Management of Internal Stock used for performing services. For example making shirt / dress.

Stock Movement

  • Easy Management of multiple warehouses.
  • Record a document of the stock movement between warehouses.
  • Easy to keep stock in Transit, Stock Requisition Notes.
  • Keep track of stock kept at different customer locations (but not yet billed) by billing software for garment store.
  • Manage stock for different companies in the same warehouse.
  • View stock for a single company or composite stock of multiple companies.
  • Move stock between two companies with garment billing system.
  • View Ledger page of stock transactions for any item at any warehouse between any two dates.
  • Simple Double-Click on any transaction on the ledger page to view the associated document.
  • View the stock transaction totals of the item between the dates specified.
  • Keep track of stock at different Job Work locations.

Stock Corrections

  • Stock auditing and finding difference in actual stock and expected stock has become easy and effortless with HDPOS smart Garment billing software.
  • Every change in stock will create a document in the billing software to make it easy to track and audit stock changes.
  • Support for EXCEL files while doing stock audits.

Daily Sales

  • Analyze your daily sales.
  • Business location wise daily sales Daily sales between any date and time range.
  • View Daily sales as rolled up totals at any level in your category tree.
  • View corresponding Sales Invoices or Sales Returns of items mentioned in Daily Sales View.

Customize your Sales Invoice

  • Now easy to have your own customized Invoice format with Garment billing invoice software template.
  • Establish branding on your invoice.
  • Use your company logos, fonts.
  • Easy to print Invoices in your regional language like Hindi, English, Marathi, Arabic etc.
  • You can add terms and conditions in Invoice as set-up by your company.
  • Support for dot-matrix printer in text mode.

Print your Barcode Stickers

  • Create your own barcode stickers for your garments shop barcode software.
  • Give a personal touch to your stickers by using your logo and design.
  • Support for normal laser printer, ink jet printer or dedicated sticker printers.
  • Support for partial sheet printing and for A4 size sticker sheets.

Tax management

  • Predefined GST Tax definition in HDPOS has made it simple and easy.
  • Flexible to change the Tax definition anytime on a click.
  • Easy addition of Tax while defining item or in excel upload. Apply additional tax at Invoice level.
  • Define custom tax structures on your items if you have more than one tax applicable.
  • Manage taxes like Cess, LBT and other state and central level taxes.
  • Easy to apply tax per item on a running bill or while making purchase entry.

Customer management

  • Record Customers details with customer database billing software for garment.
  • Allows you to manage groups of customer in many different ways.
  • Manage Credit Limits for your customer.
  • View Customer wise payment aging information with ease.
  • Update your customers about their pending payments via SMS/emails.
  • Loyalty point solutions, Gift cards, discount coupons Can be easily created.
  • Sell Gift cards of any value, Receive payments using gift cards, recharge existing gift cards.
  • Define promotional offers to attract more customers.

2-way SMS support

  • Send your Invoices and receipts in your regional language to customers via SMS.
  • As the business owner, you might want to inspect your each days sale, Stock balance and many more things, can also receive as such Reports via SMS on a predefined time from your computer to make things easy for you.
  • You can send Simple SMS (ex: “RPT4”) to HDPOS smart to get the report of your choice SMS back to you.
  • SMS can work over simple dongle or through SMS gateway(You can take account with Bulk SMS gateway providers) HDPOS smart garment billing software will integrate with your SMS gateway provider using HTTP API.

Manage your Tailoring shop

  • Manage stitching and alteration along with sale of your regular items.
  • Create a customer receipt for the item you received from customer.
  • Maintain all measurement details for stitching through customer item.
  • Keep track of material and alterations that are being applied to the item.
  • Maintain the current status of the item.
  • Manage work-flow and take customer approvals at various stages.
  • Manage notes on the item and instructions for your employees regarding the item.
  • Deliver the item in a sales invoice by charging for the services and material that has been applied to the item.
  • Keep track of all customer items that are stitched or altered in your shop.

Manage your cut piece shop

  • If you want to sell your fabric in meters / centimeter’s etc mark your items as measured at time of sale and enter fractional values at the time of making your Sales Invoice.
  • If you need to sell your material by cutting it into several smaller denominations like 2 pieces of 2 meters, 4 pieces of 3 meters etc use our 'Use Measuring Denomination' feature.

Financial Accounting

  • In Accounting billing software for garment store has all the required accounts Auto-generated.
  • Ease of creating additional Financial Accounts in POS accounting and billing system for Garment.
  • Easy to export all your Financial Accounts, Company and Financial Transactions to Tally.
  • Flexibility to bifurcate financial accounts into different groups.
  • Ability to view Composite Ledgers.
  • Powerful Cash Register Management.

Analytical Reports

  • You can check which brand/size you are selling most.
  • Get a report on your fast moving items or for your dead stock.
  • You can check your sales report and see what your maximum rush hour is. This will help you manage your staffing accordingly.
  • Know the latest trends and have those stocked in your Inventories.
  • Have a quick look on your daily sales statistics, sales returns, stock items and short stocks.

Event Log Management

  • Record the data change events in your POS garment billing software database.
  • Get notification of a changed event via email or SMS, even when you are not around.
  • Record events in the system and view them later in reports or on the screen.
  • Record data view events like what report was run, by whom, which button was clicked to view certain data and by whom.
  • Define events for any object in the system to record a change every time the record has been updated.

Access Rights

  • Without difficulty Restrict access to various functionalities to employee login id and Action History.
  • Extremely flexible in managing user roles and easy control over all functionalities.
  • Restrict access from areas of application from specific computer.
  • Create user groups, functionality groups and manage your own access rights effectively.

Discounts Coupons and Offers

  • Create offers suitable for your business type.
  • Define discount on item/invoice amount without any difficulty.
  • Easy to provide last time discount (Spot discount) on item/invoice amount for Special Customer.
  • Create discount Coupons (News paper / Handout) beneficial for your garment store with billing system.
  • Print / Email / SMS Coupons in customized designs in HDPOS smart garment billing software.
  • Coupons with offers to limit date range, “One Time Use” or “Unlimited” or “Limited” usage.
  • Make Customer specific Coupons.


  • Receive required information about your business at specific times in a day via SMS or email.
  • Have HDPOS smart garment billing software send your reports on set times in a day.
  • Schedule the reports to be generated at the login time and logout time to know your day’s specifics.
  • Get SMS & email notification of your daily business from your computer when your staff closes the shop for the day.

Select Your Store Type


The textile industry is the largest industry in the world in terms of sales volume as every person has scores of clothes in his or her wardrobe. So naturally, the production, demand, production cycles, sales cycles are different from other industries. Though the items are not perishable, but fashion trends change quickly over time. This leads to inventory lying unsold so to make ensure a high sales turnover, you need to have a strong technological backbone. HDPOS Smart offers several functionalities for billing software and we have discussed a few of them in detail here to help you make the right purchase decision.

Manage your tailoring and cut-piece shop better with HDPOS retail shop billing software

  • Garment shop billing software from HDPOS will help business owners in the apparel trade manage operations better. It has dedicated functionalities to help with both your tailoring shop and your cut piece shop.
  • Through this highly effective retail shop billing software, you can easily manage stitching and alteration along with the sale of your regular items. As soon as a customer places an alteration request, it creates a customer receipt for the item received from the customer.
  • This receipt will contain all the measurement details for stitching through customer item, so that it serves as a record for all instructions given by the customer and no conflict arises.
  • Maintain records of all material and alterations being applied to the item and view the current-status of the item as well.
  • This billing software for shop helps you manage work-flow and take customer approvals at various stages. Employees working on the alteration order can manage notes on the item and the instructions of employees regarding the item.
  • The best part is that it generates a consolidated sales invoice and delivers the item by charging for the services and materials applied to them. Some stores offer these services complimentary to first -time buyers to build goodwill in today’s highly competitive marketplace.
  • Not just this, you get to keep a track of all customer items that are stitched or altered at the shop floor and by whom.

Another interesting feature of our garment shop billing software is the ability to manage operations at your cut -piece shop. By utilizing the ‘Use measuring denomination’ feature, you can sell your material by cutting it into several smaller denominations of like 3 pieces of 3 metres or 5 pieces or 4 metres. In the sales invoice, you can write fractional values and even record the time and price quoted to the customer and paid by him in full.

Comprehensive list of functionalities

  • Access Rights
  • Analytical Reports
  • Barcode Stickers
  • Custom Sales Invoice
  • Daily Sales
  • Data Correction
  • Event Log
  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Manage Cut-piece shop
  • Manage Large Inventory
  • Manage Stock
  • Offers and Coupons
  • Option to start your own online website!
  • Quick Billing / Easy search
  • Sales Invoice
  • Scheduler
  • Smart Billing
  • SMS Integration
  • Stock Corrections
  • Stock Movement
  • Tailoring Services


Rewarding customers just got better with coupon management functionalities that can help you create many offers instantly from time to time during the carnival season or after it. Discount coupons can be created in customized designs, with a date-interval specified for use by the customer in that range. One-time or limited use coupons can be created to reward regular buyers. Even newspaper or magazine handout coupons can be created through HDPOS SMART

Two-way SMS support

helps both internal and external stakeholders interact better with the business round the clock. It sets you apart from others in terms of quality of service delivery. Both invoices and payment receipts can be sent through SMS for both online and offline purchases. Multi-lingual support even for SMS integration is the best feature of HDPOS. Other reports like daily sales reports, cash register balance, stock position can also be generated from a pre-defined time. Through WAP, users can send short codes to get the reports they want at any time of the day or night since payment gateway is offered, you can embed the payment link in promotional SMS to help trigger impulse purchases.

Tax management

Simple and flexible tax management functionalities make tax definition in HDPOS a hassle-free process. All taxes are automatically added as soon as the item purchased is entered. In case, service is applied, service chart is applied. Other excise, central and state taxes can be defined and altered as their tax applicability changes over time. Such a system is very useful in case of inter-state movement of goods or if there are multiple taxes that can be levied on an item due to regulatory changes. Such a system, when put in place, commands respect from consumer, as they know that every rupee that they invest in the store can be tracked online and their purchases are safe when they shop with your store.

End of the year financial accounting hassles taken care of by HDPOS

Yes, the good thing about HDPOS accounting software is its powerful cash management functionalities and the ability to view composite ledges. All systems required accounts are auto- generated. This is an enterprise grade software that is robust enough to be deployed across all group companies. You can create any number of financial accounts and connect your internal books of account, company and financial transactions to tally. HDPOS SMART will help users work offline in balancing accounts by creating company, financial accounts and financial transactions via simple export and export. Multiple views of financial accounts can be offered to authenticated users.