Easy Billing System

  • One of the strongest features of this bill making software is its flexible searching capability, when you are not using barcodes or barcode of an item is not readable the searching capability of this software for billing comes to your aide. Searching by name is really powerful. You can search by item name or its attribute like color, size etc quickly without having to type in the entire search.
  • We call HDPOS smart very easy billing system because of its intuitive interface and easy searching features. While looking for an item this easy billing system also flashes photos of the products in the screen for you to pick the correct product to be added to the bill. Pictures are always worth more than thousand words and that is why they make this billing system very easy to use.
  • Your billing team is always more familiar with your products pictures and can pick up correct products based on its pictures very quickly without having to read the names which can sometime be error prone. Because of its ease in using this billing system the training time required for a new person to start operating it is extremely low.
  • We have made HDPOS smart very easy to use billing system by using the graphical capabilities of modern computer displays to the fullest and use the pictures more than the words to interact with the operator unlike other traditional software's.