Container Management

If you are working with goods that you weigh using weighing scale, you must have felt the need to get the Net weight of the items you are selling. For example, if the products are in liquid form or edible or are kept in some containers, you must have felt the need to minus the weight of the container from the total (gross) weight to get the products Net weight.
Container management system feature will allow you to:
  • Define your containers like trays, cans, bins etc and number them uniquely.
  • You can create the identity of each such container in HDPOS smart container software and specify its weight.
  • Now, while weighing the item, you can specify which container is being used, by using the container’s unique number in container loading software.
  • HDPOS container management software, will subtract the weight previously recorded for the container, and use the actual weight of the item.
  • Container management system software feature is especially useful for our sweet shop customers, and other food items shops, who use trays etc to transfer material.
  • Container manager in container stuffing software will help them keep the accurate stock without removing the items from the trays just to take the correct stock.