Smart Billing by HDPOS Computer Billing System

  • HDPOS smart computer billing software open source provides barcode scanning, smart name searches and search codes for item which leads to a quick and easy billing.
  • Create additional fields to have more specifications of the item.
  • Change your Item tax in an ongoing bill easily.
  • For bargaining with customers, give instant discount with our Spot discount functionality.
  • Apply different price list for customer and business location in HDPOS billing system for computer shop.
  • Notify customers about applicable offers and schemes with automatic application on the active bill.
  • Computer store billing solutions allows you to have multiple price lists for an item and also allows changing price manually.
  • Computer store barcode software allows more than one item under same barcode.
  • Computer billing management system allows you to accept payments in different payment modes.
  • Manage your purchase entries with the supplier payments.
  • Immediately take your shoe store online & reach the world to increase your sale.

Data Correction with Computer Billing System

  • Computer sale billing software made Data Corrections easy and have great action audit capabilities.
  • Correct data entries in all document types.
  • Secured way to edit / delete wrong invoices and purchase entries.
  • Brilliant way of shifting the invoice numbers to fill in the gaps occurred because of wrong invoices.
  • Management of transaction records associated with data corrections.

Manage Your Large Inventory with computer store inventory software

  • Easy upload of your inventory helps you to manage your large inventory.
  • Addition of New category level in your line of products can make easy to introduce new products in your computer store inventory software.
  • Categorize your products in categories and sub categories to view your inventory.
  • View your inventory Drill down in computer store inventory software.
  • Stock audits and finding variance in actual stock and expected stock in computer stock tracking software.
  • Support of excel files while doing stock correction.

Serial Number Management

  • Product can be managed using their serial numbers with HDPOS computer store billing solutions.
  • Tracing of purchase & sale dates by label numbers.
  • Warranty Management can be handled effectively.
  • Item’s serial/label number can help you search invoices in computer billing software open source.
  • Label number can help you manage different serial numbers of your product.

Stock Movement with computer billing system

  • Management of several warehouses made easy with HDPOS computer store inventory software.
  • Moving your stock between warehouses or different companies can be done easily.
  • Stock Request Notes can be send and keep your stock in Transit until informed.
  • Stock delivered at customer’s end but not yet billed can be tracked easily.
  • Same warehouse can be used to maintain different company’s stock.
  • Check stock ledger for a single company or compound stock of multiple companies.
  • Stock transactions ledger for any product for any warehouse in selected date range can be read.
  • Double clicking on any transaction shows all its associated documents in HDPOS computer stock tracking software.

Stock Corrections with computer billing & inventory software

  • Match your system stock with your physical stock at store with HDPOS stock correction functionality.
  • Simple way to correct the damaged or missing stock with HDPOS computer billing management system.
  • Every stock change will create a document in the system to make is easy to track and audit stock changes.
  • EXCEL files can be used while doing stock update.

Daily Sales

  • Bills made at different terminals can be viewed quickly and separately using computer billing system.
  • On click of a button you can have a quick view of latest few bills.
  • Item wise analysis of daily sales can be done.
  • Apply date range to view your inventories daily sales rolled up totals at any level in your category level in HDPOS billing system for computer shop.
  • Items corresponding Sales amount or Sales Returns amount can be easily checked in Daily Sales module.

Exchange with HDPOS Computer Billing System

  • Exchanging product from customer with the sold product.
  • Creating new item against the accepted item is possible with HDPOS computer store billing solutions.
  • Use the exchanged item’s amount on same day or later day against customer new single or multiple purchases or vice-versa.
  • An exchange should always be associated to a specific customer.

Service and Repair facility by HDPOS billing system for computer shop

  • With HDPOS computer billing management system manage repairing and servicing along with your daily sales.
  • Document or print receipt of your customer item.
  • Mention additional items used while repairing or servicing of customer item.
  • Add surcharges and convert Customer receipt to an invoice.
  • A workflow can be maintained to know the status of customer Item given for service/ repair.

Tax Management

  • Adding various taxes in HDPOS computer billing software open source is easy going and ductile.
  • Apply taxes to item while creating them manually or using excel.
  • Additional tax is also applicable at Invoice level.
  • Combining two or more taxes that are applicable on the same item can be custom defined.
  • All type of taxes can be managed like Excise, Cess, and other state and central level taxes.
  • The taxes applied on items can be changed on an active bill or active purchase entry.

Customize Your Sales Invoice

  • Customized invoice formats can be created with HDPOS computer store billing solutions.
  • Company’s logo and specific fonts can used to establish branding on your invoice.
  • Regional language like Hindi, Marathi, Arabic etc are also supported by HDPOS computer billing & inventory software.
  • Company’s specific terms and conditions can be added over bills.
  • All types of printer are supported.

Print Your Barcode Stickers with HDPOS computer store barcode software

  • Personification of your stickers using your logo and design are made possible in computer store barcode software.
  • Use dedicated sticker printers, normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing.
  • Support for partial or A4 size sticker sheets in HDPOS computer shop barcode software.

Customer Management

  • Customer’s record can be created manually or using excels quickly.
  • Different customer’s groups can be created like regular Customers, Friends and Family etc.
  • A particular credit limit can be maintained for each customer.
  • Customer’s outstanding can be easily checked and notice can be sent to them via SMS or email.
  • Offers and Discounts, Loyalty points, gift cards etc is facilitated by HDPOS computer billing management system.
  • Selling & recharging gift cards and receiving payments through them.
  • Create attractive promotional schemes for new or existing customer.

AMC Management

  • AMC management for items which needs servicing is handled in HDPOS computer billing system.
  • Create separate AMC item for extending the ongoing service period of your product.
  • Define duration of your AMC.
  • Check your product’s AMC expiration date and inform customer via email/ SMS.

2-Way SMS Support

  • Sending invoice info to customers and suppliers via SMS.
  • SMS can be customized in your regional languages.
  • Reports can be schedules on a pre defined time to get regular updates like daily sales, GRN etc.
  • Send a request to HDPOS computer sale billing software to receive any report via SMS when you are not around your store.
  • SMS can work over simple dongle or with SMS gateway for sending bulk SMS.

Financial Accounting

  • All accounts required by the System are Auto Generated also you can create any additional Financial Accounts with HDPOS computer billing & inventory software.
  • Export and import all FA documents from HDPOS computer billing management system to Tally.
  • Flexibility to define multiple “Views” of financial accounts.
  • Composite ledger of different accounts can be seen together.
  • HDPOS computer sale billing software provides powerful Cash Register Management.

Analytical Reports

While you are using HDPOS smart you can run several reports which can be customized to your business needs:
  • You can check your most sold and least sold products with HDPOS computer billing system.
  • Get your reports on your dumped stock.
  • Check your day sales report and track your rush hours to manage your staffing accordingly.
  • You should also be able to quickly see your daily sales statistics, sales returns, stock items and short stocks.

Event Log Management

  • Record and get notified via SMS or email about any changes made in your HDPOS smart database.
  • Data change events like, change in item prices, adding of new items etc. are recorded in HDPOS computer billing system.
  • Record data view events like what report was run, by whom, which button was clicked to view certain data and by whom.
  • Create event for any object in the system.

Access Rights in HDPOS billing system for computer shop

  • Restrict or allow access of various functionalities by login id or by computer system.
  • Comminuted control on all functionalities.
  • Create different passwords to access different functionalities of application.
  • Create user groups, functionality groups and manage your own access rights effectively.

Discounts Coupons and Offers

  • Create different types of offers available in HDPOS computer store billing solutions like Discount on items, Discount on invoice etc.
  • Instant discounts to facilitate last moment discounts for special customers.
  • Discount Coupons can also be created in HDPOS computer billing software open source.
  • Coupons can be printed or sent as email or SMS in customized formats.
  • Make Customer specific Coupons. Attach Coupons with offers to limit date range.
  • Limit the Coupon offers with their usage with or without date range.


  • Schedule your business related information at specific time in a day via SMS or email.
  • Have HDPOS computer billing & inventory software, send you the reports on specified times in a day.
  • Get SMS & email notification of your daily business from your computer when your staff closes the shop for the day.

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