HDPOS Smart is the best billing software to handle as small as a retail shop to a large enterprise business on multi-locations. It has many features that can help you easily manage your business in Nigeria. It's not only is a billing solutions but has an excellent inventory and stock management feature, along with this it is a complete Financial Accounting management Software too.

HDPOS lite

HDPOS Lite billing software specially designed for small business or single shop. It comes with affordable price to get you started with automation. This product gives you features that are of much more than it’s worth. It’s easy to use and quick to learn billing system. It has all the necessary features for you to do sales, purchases, stock management and financial accounting.

HDERP for Enterprise

HDERP enterprise billing software is a product to get you started with automation. It's a great choice to automate your enterprise. HDERP billing pos software provides all necessary features for you to do sales, purchases , stock management, financial accounting, management of franchise and multiple currency.

Why Nigerian Business Needs Billing Software?

    Over the years the billing software has become one of the most important aspects in the business. No matter whatever type of business it is, the cash flow is very important and a reliable invoicing or billing software will surely come handy. Even though most businesses in Nigeria know the importance of billing software, they do not implement it in their own business.

    Nowadays the customers are in the need of precise invoices without any errors and these precise invoices are very important to file the taxes too. So for Nigerian Businesses who are investing in a good online invoice software will surely make a great impact on your business. As the technology improved it has become important to automate the business for more effective results and using an online billing software can be considered as the first step of yours towards the automation of the business.

    The HDPOS Smart provides the users with some of the best features and benefits which help in smooth running of the Nigerian businesses. There are so many tasks to do for a business owner and getting struck at invoicing shouldn’t be one of them because implementing one of the billing software present in Nigeria will surely make a huge difference. There is a lot of development in Nigeria these days, small businesses and startups are making their way into the business, it is important to implement a good and reliable billing software now to save time and increase productivity.

Why HDPOS Smart is Perfect for Nigerian Business?

    HDPOS smart is one of the leading invoicing software across the world. The software has acquired a good name due to the amazing features and benefits it offers for the business. There are so many great benefits of HDPOS smart that makes it the best billing software in Nigeria.

  • Easy to use interface- no one would want to go through the training to just learn and understand a billing software right! This is the reason why HDPOS smart is provided with a clean and simple user interface. Anyone would be able to understand it within a short span of time.
  • Tax Management- Taxation is one of the most important part of any business and it is important to make sure that the taxation is done with utmost perfection. HDPOS Smart will make taxation easy for the business owners.
  • Maintenance of Stock and Inventory- usually owners invest in the billing software and inventory software separately but there is no need of this double investment with the HDPOS. The software is capable of maintaining the stock and inventory.
  • Customization- Not every business is similar, each business has their own requirements. This is the reason why they provide a billing software which can be customized completely as per the needs of the business.
  • Handling of the employees- You can easily handle the payroll and designations for the employees with the help of this online billing software.

Features Which Suits Nigerian Business

  • Stock Management- The HDPOS Smart makes it easy for the users to manage the stock and inventory of the business. It generates the complete audit trail of the stock exchange in any business. The efficient stock management is very important for any business and HDPOS Smart provides this feature perfectly.
  • Financial Accounting- HDPOS Smart provides its users with the accounting management feature. This accounting management will keeps the track of purchases, sales and the other petty expenses of the business.
  • Multiple Company- if you own various companies in Nigeria and want to have a single database where the details of all business can be stored, then HDPOS smart should be your perfect pick. The software has the capability of integrating business details of various business at one place for the users.
  • Printing- The software provides an option to print the invoices directly. It is capable of printing the invoice in both graphic and text mode.
  • Loyalty- it is important to appreciate the loyal customers with some rewards in order to make them retaining customers. You can create a loyalty program and enroll the customers into the database of the software easily.
  • Integration With Barcode Scanners- if you own a large business it is important to make sure that the inventory is maintained perfectly. The HDPOS Smart can be integrated with the barcode scanners to maintain the stock.

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