What is Billing Software?

Billing software is a tool which automates and speed up the billing system by handling operations like generating instant invoices, proper tracking of bills, and records management, etc. With the use of billing software businesses can increase their cash flow, minimize human errors in financial figures and enhance the customer experience by reducing checkout process. Ultimately it helps in collecting payments from clients, saves time by eliminating manual work, and improves business efficiency for business owners.

Who needs efficient PoS Billing Software

Key Features of HDPOS Smart

HDPOS is a smart, highly competent, and feature-rich best online billing software. It helps any retail business to get a hold over all the billing, invoicing and taxing activities. This pos billing software is indeed a great choice when a business aims high to render quality service at the minimum input. The various integrated modules of the cloud based billing software are what make it stand out of crowd. The major features of this billing and invoicing software can be listed as:

Bill Printing

With the help of this feature, users can easily get customized bills. You can use regional language for printing and can design their own invoice design with the easy drag-and-drop feature.

Barcode Sticker Printing

It allows a user to print product barcode on an ink-jet and laser printer in the design of your choice.

Stock Management

This billing and invoicing software also helps you to manage your stocks and determine which product is selling fast. You can also check which product is approaching near to its expiry date.


Build a long-lasting relationship with your existing customers. Award them with customized discounts using inbuilt CRM feature.


Get access to all your product, service and customer data from anywhere. Get the invoicing and billing data anywhere with internet connection at the tip of your finger.

Sales Tracking

Sales tracking feature of HDPOS tracks sales. It counts the number of product sold and calculates the revenue generated by using the.

Vendor Management

Do effective vendor management and get customized business quotes. Decide the right vendor for the product procurement with centralized vendor management feature.


This billing system software can do automated accounting, tax calculation, returns, etc.

What are the Benefits of Billing Software?

It can be frustrating for you to sit and calculate your sales for a day,month or a year and maybe even after spending all your time you won’t get the actual amount that was supposed to be in your hand. well there is a perfect solution to this problem, i.e HDPOS smart billing software.

  • A billing software that is easy to use.
  • Single location or multiple locations, both can be handled with just a single database.
  • Managing Taxation with such billing management system become at work of your fingertip.
  • Customise your item categories, to be more specific about your products.
  • Managing your employees, their designations and payroll is a ease of work.
  • Handling your customer and their data remains no more a headache.
  • Account transaction of the customers pending amounts, customers credit aging etc can be well handled.
  • Maintaining stocks and inventories perfectly with inventory management software.
  • Billing and inventory system also enables you to make stock corrections, so that you can match the system stock to the physical stock in the store.
  • Keeping an account of the payments made to the suppliers and future payments, are all auto-generated.
  • Maintain your additional expenses with all the financial details.
  • All your financial accounts that are used by the billing and accounting software are auto generated.
  • Sending and receiving SMS and emails are surplus that you get with such billing and accounting systems.

Customize your bill printing using POS Billing Software

POS Billing system is always a good choice for customizing you bill prints

Bill Printing

  • Customize your bills / invoices in your own layout.
  • Easy drag and drop design.
  • Print your sales Invoice in your own regional language.
  • Customize bills to match perfectly to your business needs.

Barcode Sticker Printing

  • You can print barcode stickers on simple laser or inkjet printer.
  • Surprised? Take a demo today.
  • Print barcode stickers in your own designed layout.
  • No need of additional expensive barcode sticker printers.
  • If you already have a barcode printer, you can use that too.

Versatile billing system software with multiple Deployment mode

The versatile billing solution provides different modes of deployment of your choice
hdpos smart deployment in a Single Computer
For a Single Computer

All you need is one computer or one laptop...

hdpos smart deployment with Multiple Terminals
With Multiple Terminals

Use LAN, make one of the computers as server...

HDPOS smart Cloud Server
Our Cloud Server

Access your business data from anywhere...

HDPOS smart As Server on the Internet
Your Computer As Server on the Internet

Use computer in shop as the server on the Internet...

HDPOS Smart On Windows Tablet
On Windows Tablet

Use thin client and touch screen. Use pictorial interface...

HDPOS Smart for Disconnected terminal
Disconnected Terminal

Continue to use Internet Server even when internet is slow...

Start your Website Today!

Go Online With Your Website Today!

Your very own in-house and online billing solution

We got some unique billing software for you

Now you can have your own online website without any hassle. You will be able to sell in-store as well as online seamlessly. HDPOS smart is not just a billing solution for physical store, but it also offered a unique business billing software to integrate your in-store billing system with your online website. It manages your online and in-store business and inventory solution in one single integrated database!

Your billing system software HDPOS server, does not have to be on the Internet. You can synchronize your in-store data and on-line data with a single click of a button. You can manage your products, their pictures, up to date prices, stock and everything else in your local HDPOS billing POS system and all of this will reflect on your website.

Sample Website...

More Details

HDPOS smart Companion Android App

(Per Device)

Use on your Android Phone or Tablet for Billing.

This is a companion app that works with HDPOS Server.

This app allows you to use your phone or android device as a Point of sale (POS) terminal.

This app allows you to make invoices from your phone and print the invoices to the printer connected to your server. It is very easy to use graphically intuitive app.

In order to user this app, you will need to have your own HDPOS server installed or you will need a cloud account of HDPOS smart.

Please note that: This is a companion android app that works with HDPOS server. HDPOS server is a windows based client server application that can be downloaded from its download page. It is required that you have HDPOS server installed and have a valid URL to your server. You will also need at least one windows desktop based client node for the complete functionality of HDPOS smart.

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Why you should use HDPOS smart Billing and Accounting Software!

Build your business with best billing solution and generate all your bills easily
Easy to use

Get started quickly. Easy to setup and simple to use billing system.Pictorial user interface.


Our focus is on customer support. Many ways to reach us with no additional charges.

Low Price

Simple, one time affordable pricing best billing solution for small and large businesses. No hidden costs.

Future Proof

Frequent software updates with latest top billing solution software features. Free of cost. Remain up to date.


Frequently Asked Questions

Factors to keep in mind before investing in billing system software?

There are several things that one should keep in mind before buying a POS software:

  • Explain your business model and let the vendor explain to you if their software fits well with your business style?
    We at Hyper Drive Solutions, not only provide our customer with a free demo of our software but we also give a free trial for a month to our customer to check the billing and inventory software suitability with their business.
  • What kind of reporting capabilities do the billing and invoicing software have?
    Reporting being the strength of our billing POS software, we assure you to get over 600 inbuilt documents and even provide a customised report according to your requirements.
  • Can it keep up the industry changes?
    We at Hyper Drive Solutions provide a lifetime of free updates with the software and keep adding the changes as per the requirements.
  • How does the software handle backup?
    You must have seen first-hand how devastating a hardware failure can be. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of data can be destroyed in seconds. If you do not have a backup procedure in place. Ensure you select a billing POS software package that has a built-in backup utility.
  • Budget:
    How much are you going to spend? That really depends on the complexity of the billing and pos software package you are looking for. Smaller software packages can be found under US$100, and larger more complex packages can cost well over US$3000. Take a look at the number of customers you have, the number of sales orders you process, and choose a solution that fits your business.
  • Our software with a minimum configuration which is also enough to handle a retail business properly comes just at INR 5300 or USD 95.
  • Online support & help?
    We have a big team of tech support engineers, and we provide a support over various channels like a call, emails, skype etc.If you’re a new computer user, then you’ll definitely need a software package that has a comprehensive online and easy-to-use help system. Also check out what direct technical support is available through the vendor. Some software companies charge very high fees for personal support, so ensure you include this in your budget.
  • Do you offer training for new customers?
    Yes we do provide training to all our new customer, and if requested we even provide training to our old and existing customers and their employees.
  • Is there an extra charge for the tech support?
    We do not charge our customer for any tech support needed in a span of a year after they have purchased the software, we do charge after that which is annual charges and depends on the number of license keys you have starting at Rs.4000/ $ 70 annually, again this charge is totally optional and we do not charge you if your POS billing software has stopped working completely.
  • Can the software keep up with the business expansion?
    The answer is yes, we have a fantastic Client server model will not only help you expand your business in the same city but all around the globe.
  • Do the vendor accepts feature requests from the clients?
    Yes we do! But only when it is a feasible request, comes from a number of users, and helps the billing POS software to grow.

  • Comparison between offline and online billing software.

    There is no hidden truth that billing pos software is what any business is required to streamline its entire function. Now, the question here is which software should be chosen as they come in two forms.

  • Offline Billing Software
  • Online billing software
  • Both of these types have different features and capabilities. At the same time, their operations are somewhat similar. To choose amongst them, it is necessary to understand the basic difference between them.

    • The difference in the accessibility

      When you install an online billing system in your company, you can easily gain an access to all your data and information from anywhere. A good number of these are cloud-based billing system these days. Such applications makes it easy for their users to access these applications from remote locations and make online bill payments.
      In addition, some of the leading billing software has mobile-app support. It enhances the all-around accessibility of the software by manifolds. With a cloud-based integration and mobile app support, the company can easily generate invoicing. You can also check the cash flow, and do the invoice schedule with it.
      The above-mentioned features cannot be achieved with the offline billing software. With an offline billing system, the end-user has limited access. It has to depend on the premise-based installation only.
    • The difference in the performance

      In the case of an online billing and accounting system, the end-users can easily automate many tasks. The list includes invoice generation, tracking, and bookkeeping. This automation reduces the number of efforts that one puts in the process and also delivers error-free results. Work out of cloud based billing software is prompt and accurate. On the other hand, the offline billing system does not have this advantage. It delivers inaccurate work along with extra time consumption.
    • The difference in the cost

      Online billing and accounting system may seem a huge investment at first but it is highly economical and cost-effective in long run.
      With online billing software, you don't have to hire a specialized accounting expert for this. Any professional with basic computer knowledge can easily perform all the invoicing tasks. It is because all the calculation and analysis will be performed by the billing software only.
      Similarly, there is some billing and accounting software comes with GST filing and tax calculation feature. So, it again reduces the operational cost.
      On the same note, the operation cost of online billing software is comparatively less than offline billing software. You need not to print the invoiced for the future references as everything is stored in the cloud space and you can easily access it anytime.
      As far as offline billing system is concerned, it is not that much cost-effective as compared to online billing pos software. As there is no pre-programmed feature, you need to do the manual calculation. So, you need to hire an experienced and skilled professional to operate it.

    What is Business Billing Software System?

    A billing system is used by different businesses to make it easier for them to handle their business and their customers. Despite using a hard book for maintaining your business and working for long hours in order to get the results, a billing and inventory software can manage all stock,invoices, accounting and reports easily.The software has made it very easy for you to manage all these features.

    Billing systems are enabled by combining hardware and software systems. The hardware being used here are a computer system, printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner etc, and a billing POS system is installed in the computer system for handling businesses in various accounting billing processes.

    Billing system software are designed to handle time and billing tracking as well as invoicing customers for services and products. Some billing solutionsalso can track the hours worked by employees as well as expenses associated with projects or clients.

    Billing and accounting software give you collective data of the customer, suppliers, employees etc. also gives satisfaction to you and the customer. You can easily analyze the data which is entered into the system on a daily basis and one can easily measure the performance of the business.

    What are the different deployment modes in POS Billing Software?
    Stand Alone:

    Stand-alone billing solution is a software application that does not come bundled with, or require, another software package in order to run. Essentially, it's a billing system that can stand on its own without help from the internet or another computer process.

  • Computer Software that can work offline, i.e. does not necessarily require a network connection to function.
  • A program that runs as a separate computer process, not an add-on of an existing process.
  • StandAlone Program, a program that does not require operating system's services to run.
  • Client-Server:

    The client–server model is a distributed structure that divides tasks or works between the providers of a resource or service, called servers, and service requesters, called clients.

    In terms of accounting and billing system, we have one server that contains all the data of a store, and can have N numbers of client systems attached with the server, that can perform all the various kinds of billing, inventory handling and accounting tasks.

  • With help of such billing system you can have full access of your business, even if you are not present at the store.
  • Client server Program, a program that does require operating system's services to run.
  • All you need with a client server model is to do just one installation and then access your data with any device that has SMS, e-mail features.
  • Cloud Based:

    HDPOS smart cloud based billing software has capability provided to the consumer to use this cloud billing and invoicing software applications running on a cloud infrastructure. The applications is accessible from various client devices such as a Tab, Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Devices etc.

  • Similar to desktop apps, HDPOS cloud apps can provide offline mode, rich user experience and instant responses to user actions.
  • Updates can be done at any time by simply uploading a newer version to the Web server.
  • Cloud billing apps also store data in the cloud, or in other words you can say that the server which contains the data is stored in the cloud.
  • Disconnected modes:

    In a disconnected mode of deployment billing and inventory software HDPOS smart even after being a Client-Server version can act as a stand alone application, and work with the same efficiency. They do not require to stay online all the time, as then the speed of the application depends on the speed of the internet.

  • In disconnected mode the application runs on a local system.
  • The data made on the local system can be sent back to the server at any point in time when there is a proper internet connection available.
  • Thus this feature of HDPOS smart billing and accounting software and inventory software makes it a very reliable in terms of data keeping.

  • How billing software enhances different business practices?

    Billing software is like a spine for any business. It improves the performance and reduces operational cost of your business. Alongside, it helps you to delivered par excellent customer services. Upon digging deep, you would be able to recognize its deep-impact in the business. Here is a small rundown of the various ways by which intelligent and smart billing software has enhanced business practices.

    • It has promoted easy and fast billing

      The automated integration of POS billing software has leveraged the billing process of any business. Using this, automated generation of customized invoices is easy buying elucidation. In addition, the end-result is error-free and fast. Now, there is no need to queue for hours just to get the billing done.
    • Simplified GST filing

      No matter what business you run, you need to fulfill some of the legal implication. Filing of tax and GST is amongst one such activity. However, despite its utmost importance, the majority of businesses struggle hard to achieve it. This intelligent billing and invoicing software lets you make GST complied invoices. Filing also becomes effortless with it.
    • Continuous and intelligent reporting

      Businesses needs to do continuous and intelligent reporting to ensure positive cash flow. It is a very tough task when done manually. However, the implementation of online billing software made it easy. You can easily get 100’s of sales reports in easy-to-understand pattern.
    • Timely stock management

      It is very important to do time-bound stock management to ensure that all the products are consumed before their expiry date. In absence of this, you are likely to face huge loss when a whole lot goes out of use. However, one can reduce this situation by implementing the mighty help of billing software. It will keep you updated with the details of stored stock. The tool will also help you to determine which product needs to sale-out soon and which can be stored for some time.

    Reason to upgrade your desktop based business billing solution to cloud based POS billing system

    There are plenty of advantages of using cloud system over a desktop version of any application:

  • The server in a cloud based POS billing system is installed over the cloud.
  • The database that lies in the server system is safe from any corruption or virus attack happening in your system.
  • Hence no matter what your data is always safe from such hazards.
  • In cloud applications, most of the heavy processing is handled by the service provider, which minimizes the requirements on your system configuration.
  • Whereas in a desktop application high memory and processing speed is required.
  • Although the cloud billing system depends on the internet connectivity and its speed, we at HDPOS smart cloud based billing and accounting software have a solution to this problem as we even support a disconnected terminal with the cloud base.
  • In this method, a small part of the application resides on your system, and the rest of the component lies on the streaming server and is sent to you on demand. Application streaming in turn relies on application virtualization.
  • Depending on the technology and the method used, the client may require a plugin or software to run the application that is being streamed.

  • Why should organization have billing management software?

    Billing software refers to automated systems that handle the tracking of billable products and services delivered to the customers. Some billing pos software also tracks working hours for billing purposes. These types of programs automate much of what used to be a time-consuming process of preparing invoices or other documentation.

    The modern digital structures provided by billing and invoicing software services and products are part of what has propelled businesses into the new digital era, allowing for more productivity and greater ease of business administration in general.

    This billing system software provides a ton of documents that will help you in the analysis of your data and in turn your business. Providing invoices to your customers, generating invoices for the supplier's payments and returns etc, becomes so easy and quick for you to handle.

    How does HDPOS Smart Billing POS Software help to Increase Productivity?

    Productivity is the key to success for any business and this is the reason why almost every business incorporates one or other type of software to increase efficiency. HDPOS is billing POS software that offers some of the best features to increase productivity. Here are the ways in which HDPOS helps businesses.

    • Save Time
      For every businessman, time is very important. it is important for them to use their time very efficiently. The invoicing task isn't a cakewalk and it consumes a lot of efforts and time. An entrepreneur must be good at administrative skills in order to invoice perfectly in a short time and it isn't possible for everyone either.
      Employing an invoice software will reduce the pain of billing, the time and efforts that are used in invoicing can be saved with the help of the HDPOS software. The time that you usually spend on invoicing can be now used for some other tasks. This will help in better management of your business.
    • Environment-Friendly
      The papers and other stationery that is used for invoicing manually can all be eliminated with the help of the billing POS software. This way no papers are wasted and the office will have environmental friendly ambiance. Do you know that online invoicing is five times better and environment-friendly!
    • Establishment of Brand’s Identity
      It is important for any brand to make its mark on the customers. Using different logos and different fonts in the invoices will surely do a great job. The HDPOS billing software will create professional invoices the way you want. You are provided with the customization option too. You can use it to create personalized invoices for your customers. Invoices with brand logos tend to be paid faster than the ones that don't have.
    • Automates the Payment Reminders
      Automation is the biggest benefit of billing pos software. The software will automate the various works without any requirement of human intervention. You will be able to save a good amount of time with the automation process of software.
      It sends reminders for customers about the payments and the invoices for which payments are already received are divided from the usual ones. HDPOS is one of the best billing POS software available in the Indian market. The software provides some of the best features for the businesses.

    Billing software in