Billing and Accounting Software For Small & Medium size business

Get your business automated with HDPOS easy and lite billing software

HDPOS lite

HDPOS Lite billing software specially designed for small business or single shop, is a low cost product to get you started with automation. This product gives you features that are of much more than it’s worth. It’s easy to use and quick to learn billing system. It has all the necessary features for you to do sales, purchases, stock management and financial accounting.

It has predefined sales invoice formats that are very standard, it has plenty of reports that are sufficient for you to analyse your business and deal with the Taxations.

HDPOS easy

HDPOS easy is a lightweight easy billing software for your medium size business. This retail shop small business billing POS software helps you manage billing, inventory, and financial accounting. Small business billing software helps you customize your bill printing and design and print your barcode stickers with ease.

Download HDPOS easy for your retail store and enhance the retail shopping experience for your customers.

Features List

HDPOS lite

Easy Billing
  • Get started quickly / Easy billing.
  • Change your billing screen to Grid billing or Pictorial billing interface.
  • Accept payments in cash and credit card.
  • Save your Invoice as an estimate .
  • Keyboard less checkout for touch screens.
  • Scan your items with barcode reader.
  • Quickly select your products by Item name or search code.
  • Easy Sales Return.
Smart Billing
  • Easily change your item quantity and price while making Invoice.
  • Check stock in hand while making invoice.
  • Perform back dated entries and easily change your Invoice prefix.
  • Fix data entry mistakes by deleting bills.
  • Ability to give manual discount for last minute negotiations.
Tax Management
  • Extremely flexible tax management modules.
  • Define simple tax and apply it to your item.
  • Define custom tax structures on your items.
  • Easily change your tax definitions in the way applicability changes.
  • Get your Sales Tax and Purchase Tax reports.

HDPOS easy

Easy Billing
  • Provides an easy, fast and hassle free checkout for customers.
  • Has Express pay option to handle your rush hour sale.
  • Can scan items quickly at checkout with Barcode Scanner integration.
  • Make multiple cash registers and track your cash registers performance.
  • Customize the way your bill prints.
  • Scan your items with barcode reader.
Stock Management
  • Easily transfer your stock from one department to another.
  • Stock correction helps you correct your mismatched stock.
  • Manage your Dump stock.
  • Export your item list with stock to excel easily.
  • Print barcode stickers from stock manager directly.
  • You can also check in and out transactions of items.
  • View stock transaction ledger of all items.
Cash Register
  • Maintain multiple cash registers in each business location.
  • HDPOS Easy creates a default cash register for every business location.
  • View your cash register balance at any time.
  • You can print a slip of your current cash register contents. You can customize the way this slip prints. This can be very useful if you want to maintain paper records of your cash register.
  • Transfer money between cash registers of same or different business locations.

Customized Printing by Billing POS Software

Billing system for small business is always a good choice for customizing you bill prints

Bill Printing

  • Customize your bills / invoices in your own layout.
  • Easy drag and drop design.
  • Print your sales Invoice in your own regional language.
  • Customize bills to match perfectly to your business needs.

Barcode Sticker Printing

  • You can print barcode stickers on simple laser or inkjet printer.
  • Surprised? Take a demo today.
  • Print barcode stickers in your own designed layout.
  • No need of additional expensive barcode sticker printers.
  • If you already have a barcode printer, you can use that too.

Why you should use Billing Software for your small business!

Build your small business with best billing solution and generate all your bills easily
Easy to use

Get started quickly. Easy to setup and simple to use. Pictorial user interface.


Our focus is on customer support. Many ways to reach us with no additional charges.

Low Price

Simple, one time affordable pricing for small and large businesses. No hidden costs.

Future Proof

Frequent software updates with latest features. Free of cost. Remain up to date.