Hardware Capabilities

  • HDERP works on wide range of hardware platforms ranging from very small laptops to powerful desktops.
    • It is very scalable and works with low end laptops with screen resolution as low as 600px height.
    • HDERP is intelligent enough to adjust its look and rearrange its UI when it encounters resolutions as low as 600px height.
    • HDERP initially gets installed with light weight database, SQLite and it works perfectly fine in a very low resource environment when your data needs are low.
  • HDERP is scalable to be installed on very small net books to large array of computers. It can handle small mobile businesses to large enterprise level Point Of Sale needs.
  • HDERP is designed to work with touch screens.
  • HDERP is smart enough to take advantage of your powerful desk tops and large amount of RAM that you might have purchased.
  • HDERP can detect whether you are running a 32 bit Windows or 64 bit Windows
  • if you are running 64 bit Windows HDERP will automatically start to run in 64 bit mode, use all 64 bit Dlls and make optimum use of your hardware and give you the best performance.

Printer Support

  • HDERP supports all printers that Windows recognize.
  • As long as you have printer installed correctly and any Windows application is able to print to it, it will be compatible with HDERP.
  • One of best thing with HDERP is that it can print in text mode on your dot matrix printer. This gives you much better speed while printing with dot matrix, and it offers a longer life to your printer and uses less ribbon.
  • HDERP can work with all thermal printers for printing your bill receipts
  • HDERP works with your pre-printed stationery. This will allow you to pre-print your colorful invoices at an economical price and then use them with HDERP.
  • You can handle all your printing needs such as invoice printing, report printing from a single laser printer priced as low as Rs. 6,000/-.
  • HDERP saves you over Rs. 25,000 right at the installation time by saving you cost of additional thermal printers.

Operating System Compatibilities

  • HDERP understands that there are many Windows versions available in market today.
  • We support all versions of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Database Support

  • HDERP is truly smart in handling your data needs.
  • HDERP supports SQLite database.