Green Day takes their Stock Management to the next level through HDPOS Smart

October 31, 2020 in Customer Success

Green Day takes their Stock Management to the next level through HDPOS Smart

About GreenDay

Greenday is a powerful retail platform which gives farmers the ability to procure all kinds of Agricultural Inputs, have access to accurate information/feedback as well as have direct communication access to Agriculture Experts. The dynamic startup has partnered with several global brands and multinational companies to provide high-quality raw materials, seeds, fertilizers, tools, and other agricultural inputs to consumers

Headquartered in Lucknow, Greenday is currently operating in Uttar Pradesh. For its efforts and vision, Greenday has won appreciation, support, and recognition from multiple fronts.

At present, Green Day is using HDPOS Smart Inventory and Billing software for all its locations at more than 10 Terminals.

Initial Challenges they came across

  • Having a huge inventory at hand comes with a lot of challenges. It became quite complex to figure out which all products are going out and coming in. 
  • One of the major challenges was the staff’s inability to look at minimum stock levels which would then be required by the Inventory team to analyze what needs to be ordered. 
  • Since they had multiple Vendors, the GreenDay team wasn’t able to get reports of the Vendor related transactions that happened and couldn’t track the pending payments by them.
  • Due to having many employees, they wished to have login credentials for each of them. They wanted to secure the software at various levels to safeguard critical information with Access Rights
  • GreenDay desired to have detailed Analytical insights like day closing, daily sales, purchases, tax-related information accessible on their Android mobile devices.
  • Greenday has products that are manufactured by them so they required the ability to design and print customized barcode stickers.

Solutions offered by HDPOS Smart

  • HDPOS Smart software being a highly customizable solution made it easier for GreenDay to fine-tune it based on their specific requirements. The Point of Sale system is extremely quick and easy to navigate, giving them the edge for quick billing, and manage centralized inventory.
  • HDPOS smart provides in-depth stock management. This inventory management provided many intuitive ways of managing, tracking, and correcting the stock.
  • The software allowed the Greenday team to maintain Minimum and Maximum reorder stock levels of essential products based on their business needs. The system indicates a list of all products that are running below the minimum required stock and assists the Inventory team to place purchase orders for those products.
  • HDPOS Smart’s elaborate Reporting features gives them precise information about Supplier payments and they are also able to track the pending payments outstanding against all related Vendors.
  • GreenDay has allocated login credentials for each employee and has also restricted their access to specific functionalities in the application based on their designation. They also manage their employee attendance and payroll through HDPOS Smart efficiently.
  • GreenDay team gets their business reports anywhere, anytime with HD Reports Android App. This has been very helpful for the Management to view essential reports at their fingertips.
  • HDPOS provides them the tools to design their own barcode stickers and print them either on a roll of stickers or sheets of stickers. This helped them to keep accurate inventory levels and gave them great ease to bill quicker. 


The Greenday team has been delighted to work with the HDPOS Smart team. Their staff has found it quite user-friendly and the training and onboarding processes went through seamlessly.  They believe HDPOS solutions facilitate automation at various levels and simplifying tedious tasks such as keeping track of sales, inventory, staff etc.

Overall, it was termed as the perfect tool to help them grow while tackling their current challenges. They look forward to expanding their scope and usability with HDPOS Products

They are growing by adding additional terminals every month. The green day also wants to take their business online with HDPOS integrated Online eCommerce solution.

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