Grand Flora Spa & Ladies Salon – Dubai

November 18, 2019 in Customer Success

Grand Flora Spa & Ladies Salon – Dubai

Client Background

Grand Flaura is a salon and spa located in Dubai. They are using HDSalon POS software along with synchronization service to manage their bookings, appointments, sales, purchase, employee incentives, services and stock . HDSalon is installed in more then 50 tills at their various locations.


Grand Flora Spa & Ladies Salon is a local beauty spot in Dubai –UAE that has been in business since 1977. Grand Flora had been using an outdated business management software solution for years. Prior to selecting HDSalon, Grand flora had a handful of issues in managing Packages, Gift Card sales, CRM, Employee Management, Loyalty Programs and Reports (a major hurdle to business management). 

How is HDSalon helping them

Grand Flora required a software solution that had a fast, simple, and convenient way to schedule appointments and manage their staff. HDSalon was a perfect match to complete the experience. Color-coded calendar interface helped them to manage the above requirements efficiently.

HDSalon’s Package features helped Grand Flora to create packages with multiple services in a seamless single screen interface. Package deals helped in promoting services that are often purchased together. The software keeps a track of all services used and sends an update to the customer on the remaining services left in the package.

Customer Loyalty program helped Grand Flora to provide the right incentives to their frequent customers and allowed to reinforce their unique brand experience.

Advance reporting and detailed financial analysis helped to reconcile each beautician’s correct commission compensation. Centralized management for Retailing of Salon Products is saving them a lot of the time and ensuring accuracy in terms of daily stock transactions.

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In addition to managing database of loyal customers, the system tracks sales and commissions, client referrals and rewards points. Also helps to prepare the business for tax evaluations. With effortless appointment scheduling features and inbuilt marketing tools, HDSalon is helping Grand Flora propel to the forefront in the industry.