CHIC by Sisters Salon – Oman

November 21, 2019 in Customer Success

CHIC by Sisters Salon  – Oman

Client Background

Chic by sisters is a premium salon offering high quality services. It a a newly setup venture established by the Bhawan Engineering group in Muscat, Oman. They are using HDERP Salon at 6 + terminals.

Salon Management


Hyper Drive team had an immense task at hand considering the time critical nature of the complete setup. Everything from Service data upload, retailing item data, historical financial records upload, PayRoll setup and most importantly proper software training of all staff, all of these had a time constraint for implementation. Since every business is unique, there also comes a requirement of customized set of reports molded according to their workflow. Inventory flow was also to be managed properly with every product used up to be tracked. Being the best in the industry requires a software that is able to accommodate a huge set of business requirements with more room for the software to evolve as the business grows. One of these was a requirement of an Online Booking Website that integrates with the Offline POS software in real-time where customers can book appointments online and even buy Salon Retail products.


This is how HDERP Salon was able to successfully accommodate their requirements:

  • The software setup was done quickly with high focus on intensive staff training with even arrangement of on-site training.
  • A number of customized reports were made to analyze data based on their business structure starting from daily sales, inventory management, financial data, PayRoll etc.
  • Inventory Flow was managed through the BOM functionality where the Salon was able to automate the tracking of exact amount of products being used in each and every service.
  • The Offer, Gift Card and Loyalty Program modules helped to create a customized experience for the clientele which thereby helps the business to grow.
  • An Online Booking Website was able to bridge several gaps in terms of customer convenience and opening it up for more clients to discover it on the web.
  • On top of all these our software even gave ability to integrate with the in-house Biometric Scanning Device where the employee Clock-In and Clock-out timings could be tracked for this data to be further used for PayRoll Analysis.

A Software’s
efficiency is what drives businesses to focus on their business by reducing
several constraints and offering convenience for premium user experience. This
is what Hyper Drive team strives towards by helping more establishments to grow
beyond the traditionally set parameters of the outdated POS Software Solutions.