What to do when your customers start asking for regular offers and loyalty points?

Posted Date : 21-February-2018

Customer is the king, you must have heard if you run a business. Though an old statement, this stands true till date. No matter which industry are you in, no matter what your target audience is, customer is always the king because everything depends on your customers. Your sales revenue, profits and the future prospects of the business depend on how well you nurture your customer base.

Listen to customer expectations

In order to make customers much more engaged with your business, you need to interact with them on a regular basis and in fact listen to their aspirations and demands. One of the major demands customers have is related to regular incentives and discount schemes. As a token of appreciation for purchasing from your store, customers expect something in return such as store credits or regular discount coupons. This calls for kicking off a holistic loyalty program for your customers.

Starting a loyalty program

If you are in direct B2C sales and major customer interaction occurs in-store, you cannot afford to avoid your customer’s demands for long. And in order to start a comprehensive loyalty program, you need the right tools to manage the loyalty program.

Pre-requisites to kick off the loyalty program

If you are thinking of starting a loyalty program, you need to have a basic understanding of consumption patterns and a database of your customers. And documenting everything from inventory to sales as well as customer information is also essential. This calls for investment in smart PoS software that will not only help you to streamline sales process but will help you to keep a record of your customers.

Why is a smart PoS solution essential before starting a loyalty program?

A point of sale software is essential for your business if you are planning to start a loyalty program. Not only will a PoS system help you with sales, it will gather essential customer data that will help you craft a loyalty program. You can define a loyalty program easily with PoS software. Also with the help of a smart PoS solution, you can give your customers an option to enroll for the loyalty program right from the check-out counter.

PoS software integrates the sales invoicing and loyalty point management leaving no chance of error. With the help of PoS software you can set a conversion factor, adjust loyalty points on the sales invoice amount and enlighten your customers about their remaining loyalty points in a few clicks.

PoS solution also gives an option to issue store credit to your customers in lieu of the accumulated loyalty points without a fuss. So, a smart PoS is not an expense but a valuable investment needed to delight your customers with the things they expect from your business.

Serve, Delight & Earn Loyalty

A loyalty program is not an unnecessary burden but something that can drive customer loyalty in the long run. In a competitive environment, earning the loyalty of customer is a challenging task. When your customers start asking for regular offers, you are served with an opportunity to reciprocate their desire with a loyalty program. A loyalty program is a great promotional tool for your business that can give customers a reason to come back to your store again and again. When they get something of value in return of spending, they tend to spend more and on a regular basis.

With a structured loyalty program, not only are you fulfilling the wishes of your customers but also are starting a long-term relationship. You can continue to serve your customers, delight them with exciting offers and in turn earn the loyalty of your customers easily with a loyalty program.

All you are required is to invest in a smart PoS solution to kick off your plans and make your regular customers a fan of your offerings and promise of savings through your dedicated loyalty program.

So, stop disappointing your customers by turning them away when they ask for discounts. Instead, enroll them in your personal loyalty program and keep enlightening them about the potential savings they make when they shop from your store for life.

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