Transformation in the restaurant industry with new Digital Trends

Posted Date : 16-April-2018
Restaurant Billing Software

Technologies are transforming the restaurant industry, as it becomes an awesome tool that addresses consumer demands for customization and efficiency.

Restaurant POS software can help from the cash register to the kitchen, technology is an integral part of how restaurants operate. Innovators are constantly coming up with new digital solutions to make running a restaurant easier, faster, and more profitable. This tech revolution has turned once imagined solutions into foodservice necessities, entirely transforming the restaurant business.

Here are some of the restaurants industry transformation with new Digital Trends

  • Digital POS Systems:

  • Restaurant pos software are widely used in the restaurant industry – 81% of restaurants use POS system. However, POS systems are getting even more sophisticated. Some POS systems, like Digital Dining, integrate with tabletop tablets so customers can browse a digital menu, place orders, and pay themselves. That brings us to the next item on our list of technologies in restaurant industry.

  • Handheld Tablets:

  • Handheld tablets allow for at-the-table ordering and payment so servers can turn tables faster and customers can wait less time for their food and their bill. This increases the number of customers you can serve and the number of orders you can fulfill in a given shift.

  • Tabletop Tablets:

  • Restaurants are using tabletop tablets that display their digital menu and allow customers to place and send their orders directly to the kitchen. Orders come out more quickly than if a table had to flag down a server during lunch or dinner rush. That means faster table turn – and happier guests. Plus, since customers can dig deeper into the menu to discover more add-ons and extras than any server could recite, check averages are increasing.
    What’s amazing about these restaurant technologies is that they aren’t replacing personal service – only enhancing it. Servers can spend more time engaging with guests instead of verifying their orders or running the bill back and forth.

  • Mobile Ordering:

  • The smartphone and mobile devices have become invaluable valuable to the restaurant business. They are and will continue to be, a tool to be welcomed and utilized for the entrepreneur startup trader, and the experienced restaurateur.
    While POS tablets at tables seemed to be all the rage, now the spotlight is on ordering from personal mobile devices. Customers at Panera now have two options for ordering: on a kiosk or at a table with a mobile app. The new automatic ordering systems have significantly reduced errors and have brought greater profitability to the chain. With the ability to save your preferences on the various devices, Panera's new ordering system has allowed for even greater efficiency and reduced wait times.

  • Online Ordering:

  • Operators who offer online ordering restaurant technologies see benefits like:

    • Higher Revenue: With online ordering, customers can leisurely browse rather than hurriedly placing their order in person or over the phone. Since there’s no pressure, customers are more likely to order extra items, leading to higher sales.
    • More Accurate Orders: Ordering over the phone is old news. Not only is your phone line tied up, but a bad connection or a loud bar drowns out parts of the conversation. Orders are recorded incorrectly, which means a waste of food and revenue for your bar – and a bad experience for your customer. Ordering with online restaurant technologies restaurant software eliminates those variables.
    • Data Tracking: If orders are placed through your website, you can track information. You can learn who your regular online customers are, how often they order, and which items they usually purchase.

  • Digital table/reservation manager:

  • Long wait times are a major source of diner dissatisfaction at restaurants. Keep both your customers and hosts happy with a digital table manager. POS software restaurant pos software does everything from booking reservations directly with customers to suggesting optimal seating arrangements based on time and party size.
    Restaurants can also give customers accurate wait time estimates and notify them via text when a table is ready for a more pleasurable waiting experience. Waiters are also equipped with key information provided through the reservation and dining history such as favorite dishes and important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.
    The wait staff is also able to update customers on the status of their food at any point throughout the cooking process. A digital reservation manager is a secret to getting customers off on the right foot from the moment they step into the restaurant.

Over the years, technology has become the key ingredient for success in the modern food service industry. Simply having good food is not enough to keep a restaurant in business as it is the newest innovations that give restaurants the much-needed edge over the competition. Although these technologies come at a cost, the results that restaurants see in their business are well worth the investment.
The tech revolution has and will continue to play a huge role in the restaurant industry. It's important to familiarize yourself with the aforementioned trends in order to position your business as best as you can. Digital has entered the restaurants and food industry restaurant industry through the front door and brings many exciting trends.

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