6 Things to Consider Before Buying POS Billing Software for Retail Shop

Posted Date : 06-December-2018
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The modern-day POS systems are way more advanced than a simple cash register used on any device. But among so many software in the market it also become very confusing. So, whether you are running a cafe, a food junction or any other retail store, we are sharing you the 6 things you should consider before you make any purchasing decision.

Why you need POS billing software for the retail shop?

A POS system is not just a combination of hardware or system software which allows the customers to pay money, but it is much more than that. The system facilitates the management of sale transactions and in tracking relevant payment details. It is integrated with billing software that keeps a record of the date, time and place where the retail transaction was completed. This information helps the business in its activities like price adjusting, sales reporting, staff management, product orders, etc.

The software even links the product code to the selling prices which makes the process of billing more convenient and faster. Some of the systems are even equipped with a digital scale for weighing the objects, barcode scanner for scanning the code of the products, and card readers to accept payments via credit/debit card.

The retail POS software offers several other advantages including CRM, inventory management, hassle-free payment terminal, easy implementation of discounts and others offers. Thus, the POS system integrated with retail POS software enhances the functionality of the business.

Things to consider while opting for retail POS software

The market is flooded with different types of retail POS software. However, every POS software is not suitable for your business. Thus, it is important to devote some time in finalizing the best billing software for a retail store. You should opt for the software that suffices the needs of your business and fits with your business model. Here are a few factors you should consider before choosing the best billing software for a retail store:

1. Pricing

There has been a great reduction in the prices of POS systems over the years. Initially, they were expensive and were not feasible for small shopkeepers. But, now that the prices have reduced, even start-ups and small businesses can afford to exploit the POS systems.
However, one must note that that the price for setting up a POS system is more than the actual cost of POS. The prices vary from system to system depending upon the type of POS software as well as the facilities you have opted. So, it crucial to only choose the facilities that you want.

2. Cloud vs On-premise Software

Making a choice between cloud-based software and on-premise software is a crucial decision. Many businesses choose cloud due to the transparency as well as the flexibility that it offers. The sales data can be accessed on any terminal, provided that internet connection is available.
However, the cloud-based systems won't work without a stable internet connection. On the other hand, a physical system will restrict the data and other functionality to specific terminals. So, it will become difficult to extract the sales data. Thus, you should choose the type of system based on your business needs and available resources.

4. Customer support

Even if you’ve spent a hefty sum on your POS hardware system, POS software may still trouble you at some point or the other. Thus, customer support is very much essential as that allows you to seamlessly run your business without suffering any lag due to any software problems. You should always buy the software from a company that offers 24/7 customer support and is quick with the solutions.

5. Integration

POS Integration with other software allows you to do multiple tasks using different applications and tools at the same time. It saves a lot of time and human efforts as it is capable of performing multifaceted tasks simultaneously. So, you must carefully go through the available integrations while buying the retail POS software.

6. Inventory tracking

Inventory control is indeed a time consuming and hectic task that even affects the sale and productivity. However, if your retail POS software offers the functionality of inventory management and tracking, then nothing can be better than that as that simplifies most of the work. It is better to choose retail POS software that offers features such as stock update reminders, stock transfer, purchase order, etc.

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