Strengths of HDPOS smart as Billing Software

Posted Date : 07-August-2017

There are lot of functionalities that are expected out of a billing machine at the checkout counters of retail business. One should be able to prepare the invoices very quickly, check alternatives for an items, apply and suggest existing promotions to the customers etc.
The billing software HDPOS smart, with its extremely powerful feature list converts your computer which is being used as a billing machine into a very powerful billing system.

Quick Billing

With industry expected SQL server as a database engine HDPOS billing software can handle very large data at a very good speed. It offers you to identify and add the item quickly to the invoice using barcode scanner, easy election of item name or even item serial number. It also understands more than one barcodes for the same item.
One of the challenge of a billing software is to apply the correct price to an item which can vary based on many factors for example price for a preferred customer, price to be used at a newly opened outlet, price based on currently active promotions which can also depend on other items in current invoice.

HDPOS is a smart billing software that handles the task of applying correct price to the item very efficiently. It will consider all specification and current date time. For example customer for whom bill is being made, the retail outlet from where bill is being made, current date and time for currently active promotions, inspection of different items from the bill to apply appropriate promotions.
When an operator adds any item into an invoice, correct price and promotions are assured to be applied automatically by HDPOS smart which is the main aspect of any billing software.

Flexibility of HDPOS smart as Billing Software

One of the advantages that HDPOS smart has over the older traditional billing or accounting software is that, it been developed in recent years it has modern technical architecture. Because of its flexibility also known as scalability in technical terms, this billing software can be used in a situation of a single computer, even a tablet and also in a situation where many nodes are required for large deployment.
The challenges of automating your retail store and bringing technology and computer to manage your business are investments in hard ware, software and also staffing and training. Specially for small business these challenges become difficult to overcome. What makes HDPOS smart a perfect billing software for small business is its flexibility and scalability. As a small business you can keep your initial investment less by automating your business with only one computer and going with HDPOS smart as a POS Software on a single terminal. In this setup all your data and operation will be only on one computer.
As your small business grows you can add more computers for additional billing counters and / or administrative terminals while upgrading your HDPOS smart from stand alone billing system to a client server billing system.

The flexibility of scaling and upgrading of your software as well as hardware makes HDPOS smart a smart choice for billing and inventory management for small business.

Customization and flexibility offered by HDPOS smart

Though most of the requirements for billing and keeping inventory and managing financial accounts is more or less same for every retail business, each business owner may have some requirement that are specific to his/ her business needs or the way they think is the best way to conduct business. This deviation requires that each installation of business management software be configured for specific needs. We at Hyper Drive InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. with inputs from hundreds of customers have good knowledge of those possible deviation and we provide many configuration settings as a first step to customize the implementation of your billing and inventory management software HDPOS smart. This becomes your custom billing software with its tremendous capabilities of additional customization you can do based on your needs. This customizable billing system offers lot more customization, flexibility besides configuration settings. You can add any number of data fields of different data types to many of the objects in this billing system. For example if you are a garment shop, you can customize your product details by adding color, gender, size etc. You can add data fields of age group, gender, demographics, birthday, anniversary date to your customer details. If you understand your business well you can get a lot more out of this billing software on top of the things it provides out of the box.

The next level of customization which is used by most of our customer is layout and look and feel of your invoice and other document that you give to customer. With HDPOS smart customization capabilities you can use various different types of printer including vary small thermal printer, to large laser printer, colored inkjet printer and even dot matrix printer to name a few. You can use your logos and other art work to print your invoices, gift cards, coupons etc. You can use the same customization capabilities to also apply branding to the emails, you sent to customers via this versatile billing software. The complete customization capabilities of this versatile software also includes customization of your reports, data views, data analyses etc. which fall out of the scope of this article and we will be covering that in detail in different verticals.

Billing for over the counter shops

In India many retail businesses still work in traditional way i.e. over the counter purchases. In this scenario customer asks for what he wants to the counter man. At this point a good billing software should be able to quickly suggest to the counter man the stock availability of the product requested and if available its physical location in the store in order to quickly provide to the customer.
HDPOS being one of the leading Retail billing software in India provides this functionality with an easy access to the counter man. He could check the availability of stock before adding the item to the current bill, if the item in question is not in stock, be able to quickly suggest alternative to the customer and not lose the sale.
One of the traditional way of the retailing in India is to provide last minute ad-hoc discounts to the customer on request. HDPOS covers this need of billing software in India also very effectively. It provides feature of spot discount that allows you to provide ad-hoc discounts for last minute negotiations. Spot discount/ad-hoc discounts can be calculated based on prices before tax and after tax on a specific items or on entire invoice. The best part about spot discount in HDPOS billing software is that you can restrict its access to specific logins and control its usage.
One more requirement for billing software in India is to generate delivery token or gate pass. In some cases customers have to pick up the goods from more than one counter depending upon items category or type. This billing management of generating additional token along with bill is handled very efficiently by this bills generating software. You can generate one or more delivery token of a single invoice by grouping the item the way you want.

The best part is you also have a choice to print this additional token on same printer as invoice printing printer or you can even print them on one or more different printers based on their pick up locations. You can manage different serial numbers for each type of token or you can maintain as single number series.

Easy Billing Software

One of the strongest features of this bill making software is its flexible searching capability, when you are not using barcodes or barcode of an item is not readable the searching capability of this software for billing comes to your aide. Searching by name is really powerful. You can search by item name or its attribute like color, size etc quickly without having to type in the entire search.
We call HDPOS smart a very easy billing software because of its intuitive interface and easy searching features. While looking for an item this easy billing software also flashes photos of the products in the screen for you to pick the correct product to be added to the bill. Pictures are always worth more than thousand words and that is why they make this billing software very easy to use. Your billing team is always more familiar with your products pictures and can pick up correct products based on its pictures very quickly without having to read the names which can some time be error prone. Because of its ease in using this billing software the training time required for a new person to start operating it is extremely low.

We have made HDPOS smart very easy to use billing software by using the graphical capabilities of modern computer displays to the fullest and use the pictures more than the words to interact with the operator unlike other traditional software's.

Online Billing Capabilities

HDPOS smart can be extended from a single computer billing system to a distributed online billing system. When you have your retail store remotely located such that you cannot be at your store physically on a regular basis, you can monitor the business activity of your store online. When you have more than one retail stores that you want to manage and monitor using central database you can extend your HDPOS to be installed as an online billing software. You have number of options for taking your billing software online:

You can subscribe to cloud billing software services provided by Hyper Drive with a monthly subscription fees. This will take away all responsibilities of managing robust online server and provide you with always on reliable online billing software server.

If you want to take responsibility of managing your own central server Hyper Drive Info Tech offers you an option to make one of your computer which is connected to internet as your online server. Hyper Drive Info tech support team will guide you to setup your network settings if your internet provider requires network configurations. In this option you have no obligation of monthly subscription fee but you have the responsibility of managing your central online billing server and your network configurations.

Working with online billing software is not without its challenges' in countries like India where internet connection are not fast enough to keep up with the demands of a quick billing software. To meet the challenges of slow internet connection while providing fast billing functionality HDPOS smart provides facility of disconnected terminal while working as an online billing system. Disconnected terminal will give you the most required functionality of continuing to generate bills quickly without depending upon the internet connection. You can send your data accumulated while working as a disconnected terminal to the central online billing server at your convenient time and keep the online billing system up to date with all business transactions.

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