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Posted Date : 29-July-2017

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There are lot of functionalities that are expected out of a billing machine at the checkout counters of retail business. One should be able to prepare the invoices very quickly, check alternatives for an items, apply and suggest existing promotions to the customers etc.

The billing software HDPOS smart, with its extremely powerful feature list converts your computer which is being used as a billing machine into a very powerful billing system.

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With industry expected SQL server as a database engine HDPOS billing software can handle very large data at a very good speed. It offers you to identify and add the item quickly to the invoice using barcode scanner, easy selection of item name or even item serial number. It also understands more than one barcodes for the same item.

One of the challenge of a cloud billing software is to apply the correct price to an item which can vary based on many factors for example price for a preferred customer, price to be used at a newly opened outlet, price based on currently active promotions which can also depend on other items in current invoice.

HDPOS is a smart billing software that handles the task of applying correct price to the item very efficiently. It will consider all specification and current date time. For example customer for whom bill is being made, the retail outlet from where bill is being made, current date and time for currently active promotions, inspection of different items from the bill to apply appropriate promotions.

When an operator adds any item into an invoice, correct price and promotions are assured to be applied automatically by HDPOS smart which is the main aspect of any billing software.

HDPOS smart as Billing software for your Retail Store

One of the advantages that HDPOS smart has over the older traditional billing or accounting software is that, it been developed in recent years it has modern technical architecture. Because of its flexibility also known as Scalability in technical terms, this billing system can be used in a situation of a single computer, even a tablet and also in a situation where many nodes are required for large deployment.

The main challenge of automating your retail POS software is implementing technology and providing software training to the staffs. Especially for small business these challenges become difficult to overcome. What makes HDPOS smart a perfect retail POS software is its flexibility and scalability. As a small business you can keep your initial investment less by automating your business with only one computer and going with HDPOS smart as a billing software on a single terminal. In this setup all your data and operation will be only on one computer.


As your small business grows you can add more computers for additional billing counters and / or administrative terminals while upgrading your HDPOS smart from stand alone billing system to a client server billing system.

The flexibility of scaling and upgrading of your software as well as hardware makes HDPOS smart a smart choice for billing and inventory management for small business.

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