School management software to Strengthen your School’s Administration

Posted Date : 21-August-2018

Managing a school has always been tougher and with every passing day, one can only guess, it is only getting even tougher. The pinch is perhaps felt the hardest by the school administration, ones who are supposed to run the school – on whom all the responsibility rests. A school management software automates all the procedures of administration much easier for schools and colleges with limited resources.

Problems of traditional methods of managing School Administration:

One of the biggest issues that school administrators face is manual bookkeeping can still be seen in many academic institutes which is not just a costly approach but also wastes a lot of time. Even if schools are using excel sheets on the computer, there comes a time, when things become hard to manage. For instance, manual admission of students can take as long as a month at least.

Traditional methods of managing school lead to:

Ineffective Communication
Unnecessary Wastage Of Time
Overall Inefficiency

School Management Software to overcome problems of School Administration:

There are many other processes that schools and colleges are undertaking in a completely wrong and unnecessary way. All important information such as exam schedules, result cards, and various news alerts can be published on the internet portal or circulated via the computerized SMS alert service.

Benefits of using school management software in your Schools and Colleges

Reduces Workload:

School management system reduces the workload on teachers in admitting, enrolling students, and needless manual practices. School management system provides business intelligence which means that by implementing it, the school gets accurate, timely, integrated and consistent data. This leads them to work on the school management software and send out the required data to the students and their parents over the system. It reduces the workload from the teachers and saves time

Task Scheduling:

School information management system helps the teachers in scheduling their study tasks, timetable, and extracurricular activities. Things become more organized and tasks could be performed effectively with time management.

Record Management:

Filing the student records manually is quite crucial for the administration. They need to manage record from student enrollment to their regular progress. They also have to maintain the record of teacher’s progress. School Management system helps in maintaining and managing all important record at a single place. Authorized people could instantly access the record if required. There is no more need to manually search files.

Finance Management:

School software reduces the financial cost of a school. All expense and fees records are automatically stored in the system. It reduces the extraordinary expenses of school and also supports instant tracking of outstanding payments or invoices.

Efficient management of courses:

With the help of a course management system for a school management, it is possible for courses to be managed in an efficient manner. By using school software teachers, parents, and students are all able to keep track of the progress that has been achieved in the various courses being taught at the school.

What type of School Management System should I Choose:

There are different levels of School Management software that will assist your administration in a variety of ways in your Schools or Colleges. So you need to know is that most software falls into one of 2 categories – ‘Desktop-Based School Management System’ or ‘Online School Management System’.

College and school will have different needs, and responsibilities your school administration software must reflect those needs accordingly. Choosing your software based on your College/school level is important in making sure that all of your school’s administrative needs are covered. Depending on your requirements and available infrastructure, it may be more effective to host the software offline (Desktop) or online (Cloud). Both methods have their pros and cons. If you have an internet connectivity problem in your school, the offline model will be more effective since the application will not depend on the availability or speed of the Internet.

Online School Management System:

With desktop school management systems that need to be installed, you must be at your computer in order to access your school’s data.

Online or cloud-based school software, all information is stored on remote servers and accessed over the internet. Cloud-based school management system comes with many advantages over traditional in school server solutions or installed software solutions. Most importantly, these advantages save your school time and money.

The key advantage of an online software system is that the application is accessible anywhere, making it possible for staff, students, and parents to access from home.

Other advantages of Online School Management System:

Online Storage: With a cloud-based system, data is always saved online, which makes the system safer. Save Money and time: Cloud-based software can significantly reduce costs because the cloud eliminates the need for a physical or hardware store and doesn’t require additional IT professionals for equipment maintenance.Security: Physical storage devices are prone to a system malfunction, a hazard that is overcome almost entirely when you move to cloud storage.


If you are running educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities, training centers etc and still following the traditional working style in managing your educational administration It is thus the right time for educational institutes to rethink your traditional working style and start using school management system for overall management at educational institutes.

With the help of school management systems, it is possible to make the administration process of educational institutes stronger than before. School Management System automates your administrative process like Admission, Receive fee, Course, Student management system; receive payment, Time Table etc. and thus help the educational institutes to focus on their core area.

The best part of all this is that they are able to do this by just clicking a button. All this means that the school administrators are able to organize their units to function with greater efficiency than what would have been possible otherwise.

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