Restaurant Management tips for thriving your restaurant

Posted Date : 11-January-2019
restaurant management tips
Are you running a restaurant and struggling to manage it? If Yes, then this post will give you actionable advice. After reading this post, you will be able to know what actions you need to take to improve the management style and over management of the restaurant.

Below is a list of successful restaurant management tips to help you in the long run:

  1. Be Ready for Different Situations Popping-up

  2. A restaurant business is subject to uncertain situations. To be very true there are no set rules to handle these situations. As a restaurant owner or manager, you should be wise enough to handle such cases on a daily basis. Your team should also have full confidence in you that whatever may be the problem you will be always finding the best solution to it.
    These situations may including excessive guest arrival, a certain/ more dishes going wrong, a clash among your employees, shortage of certain kitchen raw-material and so on.
    Also plan ahead for happy hours and upcoming events.
  3. Try All the Operations Yourself

  4. Remember, unless and until you try the operations yourself, you will not be able to understand its ins and outs. And this will stop you from giving the right decision regarding any situation related to that operation. Do not be hesitant to try your hands on any activity going on in the restaurant.
    Whether it is cooking in the kitchen, or serving your guest, or drafting the bill. This will not only help you in any handling situations better but also bring your crew-members close to you.
  5. Get Enthusiastic Employees

  6. Imagine yourself walking into a restaurant. The employees there throw a big smile on your way. No doubt, this gesture will be loved by you. Same holds good for your customers.
    Appoint people with a positive attitude as employees. Try to appoint people who love to see a smile on customer’s faces.
    Each person is good at different things. Choosing the right person to do the right job is also important. For instance, a cook does not need good communication skills. He needs to know how to cook deliciously. Whereas, a person sitting at the front desk should have good communication skills. This will attract customers.
  7. Give Importance to Your Employees

  8. Remember, that only a satisfied soul can deliver satisfied services. Try to keep your restaurant staff happy. Always develop a healthy relationship with your employees.
    Talk with them and appreciate them every time they do something good. Listen to your employees problems and ask their views regarding how to solve it. Provide them incentives and once in a while take them to outings. All this will make them happy, and this will reflect whenever the customers visit your restaurant.
    This will also help in employee retention. Thus cutting down your cost on hiring and training your staff.
  9. Treat Your Customer as Masters

  10. For a restaurant business to prosper, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. This helps in repeated sales and helps to advertise your restaurant by word of mouth.
    Make your customer’s visit to your restaurant a treat for them. Not only satisfy their hunger but also try to make them satisfied in all the aspects.
    As soon as they enter the restaurant, greet them, talk to them, guide them to their seats. While they are ordering their meal, ask them what they like and try to suggest accordingly. Ask them questions like, “How is the food?”, “What they like the most about your restaurant.” Ask their advice for any betterment of services which can make them happier. All such gestures will help you develop a good and long-term relationship with your customer's and thus improves customers experience.
    Always try to keep a free complimentary dish for your dinners. This will help you grab their attention and make you a preferred choice for their next visit.
    In case of any mishappening offer free smoothies or dishes. This way customers feels that they are being given importance when you relishing the dish to the customers. This helps to make up for their grievances.
  11. Utilize Technology

  12. Gone are the days when restaurant business was managed with pen and paper. In the modern technology era, the market is flooded with numerous software to help you manage your restaurant more effectively and efficiently.
    You can use restaurant pos software like HDRestaurant to manage different departments in your restaurant.
  13. Prepare Proactively for Special Occasions

  14. Every business has certain peak days and peak time. Luckily, for the restaurant business, you have many such days.
    Almost all the weekends and public holidays will help you make the best money. Be prepared with add-on staffs, raw-material and other related things to manage more customers on these days, than on normal days.
    You can also come up with special discounts and offers on these days to attract dinners.
    As a manager or owner keep an eye on things which consume time. Like billing, quickly completing the order, etc. In rush hours this can create a mess. So be prepared and find different ways to make them fast and efficient. So that you don’t have to suffer later.
  15. Adhere to Standards and Trends

  16. Keep a check on the standard of the service you provide to your customers. It will add on to your goodwill.
    Keep a track on the changing trends in the market. Be open to introduce them to keep pace with them. Introduce new dishes to your menu, change interiors from time-to-time, come up with carnivals and such other engaging activities.
    Using fancy names of dishes is becoming trendy nowadays. Dishes named differently will definitely attract dinner’s attention and they will be urged to inquire about the dish and have it.
    Tip to keep updated with Trends: Setup Google alerts for restaurant related stuff (anything comes new in restaurant industry you will get an email) and also use RSS feed for popular restaurant blog to get latest trends and updates.
  17. Manage Your Inventories Wisely

  18. Restaurant business requires perishable items as inventories. Manage and procure them wisely.
    Do not buy more than what is required. It will help you keep your wastage minimal. And your guests will also cherish eating fresh.
    Many time it happens that you get new stock and the old stock is shifted back in your fridge/ store. Take care that this does not happen in your restaurant’s kitchen.
    Editor’s Note: Again a restaurant pos system like HDRestaurant (the one we provide) can help in managing the inventory activities.

Final Words

We are sure the above tips will help you. But if you are looking for practical knowledge. The best way is to walk into a few leading restaurants as a customer. Take a close watch on the people working there. Talk to the manager and other members. Ask the dinners what they like and dislike about the restaurant. This act of yours will definitely help you know what is good and what is bad for a restaurant. It will help you in managing your restaurant in the best possible manner. We are sure that you will rock. And help your diners enjoy their experience, enhancing their meal-time!!

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