How to Manage your salon better with Salon POS Software

Posted Date : 20-August-2018
Salon POS Software

If you are running a salon, spa or any other professional salon industry you undoubtedly are aware of how competitive the market is for salon services. Running a salon business very often means that the owners are required to devote themselves entirely to that task and that's why salon POS software can be an extremely helpful tool for salon owners.

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Salon Management software gives the business owner the ability to run and build an extremely successful and profitable salon or spa. This type of software makes an appointment booking a lot easier and help you manage both employees and customers.

In addition to the basic uses of software, salon software can make it easier to run vital business reports which will give you critical information which will help you make business decisions, like when to hire a new team member, when to raise your prices, and when to offer discounts or run promotions.

Benefits of opting salon POS software for salon/spa business

  • Automation

  • With Salon Management system, sales, inventory, payment, expense information, and Commissions are automatically calculated at check-out. Salon Software also helps you organize your appointments and employee schedules.

  • Easy Appointment Booking

  • Every person who works in a salon knows how unorganized appointment book can be. If you have inconveniences in the past due to your unorganized and have caused unpleasantness to your customers by overlaying appointments, then perhaps it is time do something about it. With salon management software, you can make an salon appointment in a few seconds, only with a few clicks. You will have everything properly organized, and you can check.

  • Stay Organized

  • Salon software will keep you and your employees organized. It will help you keep track of your appointments, inventory, and accounting ensuring you never miss a client. This notably lessens the strain and the workload you experience each day in walking your salon. Everything is stored in the software program system and all you want to have is a pc this is powerful enough to run it with a first-rate size of hard power.

  • Accounting

  • Salon Management system helps you to capture all accounting system transactions. Accounting books and ledgers can be maintained with the help of this cloud salon software and balance sheets and profit and loss accounts too can be generated within a few clicks.

  • Eliminate human error

  • Salon system eliminates the chances of human error. Customer information – Name, contact information, even payment info – is securely stored, and each employee’s schedule is clearly laid out. Re-booking can happen in a matter of clicks and the salon can set up text and/or email reminders to reduce no-shows or last-second cancellations.

  • Choose A Good Salon Software System

  • Salon software is a vital part of running and owning a successful beauty salon or spa, in fact, many salon owners call it their most important piece of equipment. This means it’s vital to put in a fair amount of consideration before you purchase any software.

Factors to consider while selecting Salon Software:

Do you want to expand your business? If you want more customers and therefore more staff you need to find specific software that does not have a limit on the number of users you can enter. Plus you’ll need great customer management features, staff management features, and reporting capabilities. Both Online and Offline software have their own pros and cons. One has to choose between the two according to their business requirements and budget.
Most of the offline software come up with one-time purchase while online software has a recurring cost.

Salon Management System Important features of:

Appointment Booking:

  • Appointment Calendar: Get a quick overview of today’s appointments.
  • Recurring Appointments: Easily add recurring daily, weekly or monthly appointment.
  • SMS/Email Alerts: In a single click all appointment information sent to the customer via email or SMS, No necessity to note information on a card which will most likely become lost.

Client Management:

  • Interactions with your client at a glance: With salon management software easily maintains your customers’ information and appointment history.
  • Customer Groups and Loyalty: With Salon POS systems, create customer groups and offer special memberships to your customers. Enroll your customers in the loyalty program and easily redeem your customer's loyalty points.

Staff Management:

  • Shift Management System: Salon POS software eliminates conflicts and plans shifts based on employees service profiles and breaks.
  • Commission Calculation: With Salon software you can, easily set up commissions for each of your staff members, and track them automatically.

Inventory Management:

  • Auto Update Stock Levels: Salon POS software automatically updates your inventory records whenever a product is used for service or sale.

Package Management:

  • Service Packages: Sell and manage service package by simply scanning cards into the system or by typing their barcode information into the system.Easily print usage reports and daily package reports.


  • Role-Based Security: Salon management system helps you effectively manage staff, with personalized roles for employees and PIN-dependent permissions to access different features.


  • End-of-Day and Financial Reporting: Salon POS software is equipped with strong reporting capabilities to help a manager see data in real time.

Salon Management POS systems are best suited for a business that requires assistance purely with sales, accounting, customer management, reporting, and appointment booking.

Salon POS software will guarantee your salon runs smoothly, while allowing you stress-free management that means you can accomplish more with your business than you ever thought possible.

Now that you know the benefits of salon pos software, the only thing to do is to choose the right salon software. Check out HDSalon– easy to use and powerful salon and spa software.

It will give you a neat appointment booking, detailed customer records, Accounting, customer loyalty program and a vast range of reports.

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