Is Your Cloud Billing Software Secure Enough

Posted Date : 31-October-2018

In this new era of technology, cloud billing systems have become wildly popular over the last decade. A lot has been written and spoken about Cloud software, by IT experts, industry and business leaders and independent experts. You must be wondering how secure using it really is. While some believe it is a great way to keep data safe, others have the misconception that their data isn’t secure in the cloud.

In this article, we dispel the myths about cloud security and show you how secure your data really is!

What exactly is the cloud billing Software?

Cloud billing software, offers users access to technology on a subscription basis. The software provider securely hosts all necessary databases and servers, and business owners access their data anytime, anywhere via an internet connection.

In simple words, managing your billing process online. The software is being accessed using the internet, instead of accessing the software from your computer’s hard disk.

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Is Cloud-Based Billing Software Safe?

If you are looking for cloud-based systems for billing and accounting or if you already using the cloud, probably when it comes to storing your business data far outside the walls of your office and having it stored on a server you have no control over, there is ofcourse a question 'Is cloud-based billing software safe?'

No doubt, the cloud billing software is safe!

The cloud-based software uses encryption to send and store data. In addition to encryption, the cloud-based systems provide password-protected logins and firewalls to protect against hackers. Also, allow you to run proactive security checks and let you customize additional security measures on your end.

How cloud systems keep your data safe

Local storage poses two main problems; 1. There’s no redundancy in local storage. 2. Local security is weak security. Data on your computer is subject to viruses and ransomware, a risk that increases as your knowledge of IT security decreases.

You can overcome these two issues when you move your billing into the cloud. Any decent cloud billing system vendor will give you tons of backups.

When it comes to security, data centers and offices have 24/7 onsite security and strict access controls. There are several security benefits of a cloud-based system over premise-based systems.

Physical Security - The main benefit of cloud-based systems is, all the data is stored in a hardened and secure environment.

Electronic Security - Cloud-based billing software systems employ secure encrypted connections and/or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections for particularly sensitive information.

A hosted, cloud billing software system actually solves many security issues in today’s business world. The capability to remotely log in and access your billing system is a necessary component, and the fact that security measures are built in on several levels can be a valuable asset.

How can I increase the security of my cloud billing system?

Many times, security is considered the joint responsibility of both cloud service provider and the customer but, ensuring that storage, infrastructure, networking is certainly the responsibility of the cloud provider, while security things like applications, operating systems, identity, and access management certainly lies with the customer.

Consider the following points to increase the security of your cloud billing software:

  • Backup all client and accounting information on your company's own server.
  • Encrypt your data and use encrypted cloud services: As mentioned earlier, cloud storage services that offer local encryption.
  • Backup your data locally: Having electronic backups for your data, you can access them even if the one on the cloud gets lost or corrupted.
  • Make sure you implement security at every level of your deployment.
  • Manage access to each resource and service and limit access to least privilege.
  • Maintain multi-factor authentication for all accounts accessing sensitive data or systems.

Benefits of Cloud Billing Software

If your business is looking for a more effective way to manage its billing and accounting process, here are six reasons for considering a move to cloud accounting.

  1. Mobile access at any time: With cloud billing systems, you don’t have to be tied to the one desktop computer. You can even use your Smartphone to get the critical information.
  2. A cost and time-effective solution: As mentioned earlier, cloud storage services that offer local encryption.
  3. Security and no time-consuming back-ups: Cloud billing systems offer level encryption on your data. Also offers you auto backups.
  4. Work online and offline: You can work offline, and your data will simply sync automatically the next time you connect to the internet.


This article provides general advice on cloud security and isn’t intended to cover everything. After reading this article, you should be more familiar with ways to secure your data in the cloud. Keeping your data safe on the cloud is all about remaining secure, vigilant and resilient. But before you jump in, always get professional advice if you have concerns about the security of your cloud billing software.

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