Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate and Increase the Sales Figure for Your Store

Posted Date : 14-December-2018
tips to improve conversion rate in retail store

You do not want your customer to just look around your store and the stuff and leave it without buying anything. This is frustrating and not good for the business.
Sales is the key to business because it moves the business forward. That is why you need to keep looking at ways to improve the sales conversion rate

Tips to improve your conversion rate by almost 5 times

  • First impression is the last impression :

  • Have you ever noticed that if two store offers you the same product at the same price you enjoy visiting the store which is more appealing to your eyes. The same holds true for your customers. Greet your customers. Make your store attractive with all the items neatly set and priced. Keep items of one category nearby so that it becomes easy for the shoppers to choose from wide range of products. Take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the store to impress your customers.

  • Track your customer behavior :

  • You should always have an eagle eye on the behavior pattern of the customer. Nowadays customers are smart, they know what they want. Ask about their likes and dislikes. Keep a track of the goods and company demanded by them. Prepare questionnaires and forms to get there feedbacks from time to time.
  • Mark the peak hours

  • For every retail business, there are certain peak hours, the time when you have more customers compared to the other hours of the day. An eggheaded retailer is one who tracks this time and makes it fruitful by increasing the conversion rate. It is a good practice to be personally available during these hours and train your staffs to be more attentive at this period.

    Note:To know the peak hours you can use retail software to know on which time period you made maximum sale

  • “Free”- word is always attractive :

  • Delighted to hear the word - ‘free’? Just imagine if it can be so pleasing to read it, how your customers will cherish getting things for free. Start giving products for free, whether it is a free sample/ discount/ any other offers. This is one of the best ways of hitting bang on your customers and increasing sales conversion.

  • Upselling and cross-selling works :

  • By looking at your customers try to figure out there purchasing power and act accordingly. You should always persuade your customers for upselling and cross-selling. For instance, if they have come to your shop to buy a sofa, show them the teapoy which will match it. You never know they might get convinced and this will help you crack more deals.
    If your customers are asking for sofa set for Rs. 50,000 show them sofa set of value more than that. They might get like the sofa which is costlier and you can thus make a more profit.

  • Open-up payment options :

  • How many times have you experienced looking at a product and liking it? But lack of money at present have refrained you from buying it. And you have wished you have a choice of taking that product home and paying for it at a later date. Many times your prospective customers have the same kind of feeling. Open up new payment options for them. Ask them to pay by credit card/ in installments/ buy now pay later/and other such options. This will have a positive effect on their mind which in turn will have a positive effect on their as well as your pocket.

  • Be social, be known :

  • It is a fact that in today’s world no one is untouched with social media. Utilize it to keep in touch with your customers. This will make you a better choice over your competitors for your customers. Remember it is the most easy and cost-effective way to keep in contact with your customers.

  • Employees play an integral part :

  • Positivity among employees is an important issue which has to be taken care of. Only when your employees are satisfied with you they will approach your customers in a more positive way thus giving you more sales conversion. Being friendly and helpful to your employees, providing them with incentives, taking them for outings, and all such gestures will make your employees happy and co-operative.

  • Grab customers for a longer time :

  • It is quite obvious in a retail store that more time spent by the customers in your store will lead to more conversion rate. Try to hold your customers by engaging them in entertaining activities. For instance, go for a demo of your products. You can even train staff to educate your customers about the products you deal in.
    A play area for the kids can be created. This will help the customers shop more relaxed thus spending time on things other than whatever is on their list. This will help in more sales conversion.

  • Try not to let go even a single store-stepper:

  • Imagine yourself walking into a store for a particular brand and you don't find that brand but something similar to it of a different brand. It does happen many a time you end up buying that product. Pay attention to this buying phenomenon of yours and try to make a business out of every prospect who step in your store in the same manner even if you do not have the product demanded by them.
    On the contrary, it does happen that you are obsessed with that particular brand that you are looking for. You just would love to hear from the retailer- “Sir/Madam we will get it delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.” , “We will ring you once we get the product in the store.”, “I will ask the associated person to drop it to your doorsteps”. Try to provide the same pleasing gesture to your store-steppers. This will help you get more conversion rate and will help you make a preferred choice for them for there next purchase.

Always remember the thumb rule “Put yourself in your customer’s shoes”. And the best way of doing it is to experience and write your own points. So, get set go. Visit a few of the best retail shops nearby and you will definitely come across a few things which you will like and a few things disliked by you. Just jot it down and this will help you deliver the best to your customers giving you more customer conversion and sales conversion.

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