Customer Item Management POS Software

Posted Date : 01-July-2017

HDPOS smart (POS Software) is lot more than just Point of Sale service software. It can handle and track material or products, receipts from your customers for replacing, customisation, tailoring needs personalization etc.

HDPOS smart (Point of Sale Software) not only tracks the work flow of items received from customers, it allows you to keep customers in the node and facilitates sending SMS, emails to customers at various points in the work flow of the customers requests.

When you receive an item from customer you create a customer receipt document in HDPOS smart (GST Ready POS Software). This document number and document date can be emailed or SMS to customer as well as printed.

Each customer receipt document can have one or more customer items received from the customer for alterations, repairing customisation etc.

HDPOS will generate a unique barcode for each customer item received from the customer. This facilitates you to exactly track each independent item received from the customer

At any given time you can search through the list of customer item for a specific customer item barcode to check status of a specific customer item

HDPOS smart allows to maintain detailed information about a specific customer items. You can attach received items pictures, attach specific instructions received from customers about the item, track all conversation your team have had with customer about items in reverse chronological order.

HDPOS smart allows you to attach external documents to each specific customer items this can be helpful to attach additional pictures, schematics, specific instructions etc.

When you view a customer item in HDPOS smart you will find all information related to that customer item, including but not limited to its pictures. Its work flow, communication you have had with customer about the item, internal instructional notes. For Job work items like repairing for phone etc customer item comes back for the next service or repair, you can check services were applied this time vs last time.

HPDOS also allows you to adjust your stock correctly while performing different actions on the customer item and if the action use up raw material from your existing stock.

You can use up the raw material from the godown of your choice. This is important because customer item may have moved its location in the work flow process. You can define your own different work flow status for a customer item and depending on your work flow you can easily manage customer approval on certain actions etc.

The same customer item feature also allows you to manage your job work business effectively. You can have stock of more than 1 quantity for a single customer item.

This feature will allow you to do:

  • Repair mobile phones and other equipments.
  • Alteration of clothing for your customers.
  • Service Motor Bikes and other appliances.
  • Take up job work with bulk items moving regularly between you and your customer.
  • This feature is very useful for business that provides services like Tailoring, Repairing, Job work, Automobile servicing etc.

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