7 Things to keep in mind while choosing PoS software for your business

Posted Date : 7-April-2018

Running a business in the 21st century is not so easy. With growing customer expectation and increasing competition, achieving your business objectives is really hard. You need to take some long-term decisions when you are in process of setting up your business. And one such decision is choosing the right PoS software to assist you in operations.

Before squaring down on a particular software, make sure that your choice has all the essential features and capabilities that you might need in the future. Just keep in mind that the system will help you accelerate sales prospects and it should have the following capabilities:

  • Ease of installation and operation:

  • No matter how simple it may seem, business management is an uphill task. To give yourself and your employees some respite, you should choose a PoS solution that is quick and easy to install. Moreover, it should be so simple that anyone with little IT proficiency can operate the same. This will ensure that the PoS software turns out to be a real asset instead of just being a white elephant that you despise purchasing.

  • Customized invoice & barcode printing capabilities:

  • A PoS solution should turn out to be a complete package that doesn’t take care of only the sales function but assist you in completing tasks. Your software must have customized invoice generation and printing capabilities to help you create impressive invoices. Also, if the PoS software has barcode printing capabilities, it will save you the hassle and cost of investing in a separate barcode printer for product barcodes.

  • Purchase a software that offers multiple deployment options:

  • A PoS software must not limit your operations in any way. So, it is essential to purchase a solution that offers multiple deployment option. You would never want that your expansion plans fail due to lack of capabilities in your PoS software. So, choose a solution that can work efficiently on a single computer, multiple terminals, cloud server, mobile devices or a disconnected remote terminal. This will ensure your sales process is never disturbed due to lack of connectivity or when you are planning an expansion.

  • Customer management system:

  • Any modern PoS software without a customer management system is useless. Without a proper database of customers, you will not be able to track their purchases and build long-term relationships. Not only should a PoS serve as a customer relationship system, but also keep a track of all their purchase activities, preferences and previous history to help you delight them.

  • GST management capabilities:

  • In an era of tax transition, it is important that your PoS software assists you in managing your GST liability and prepare reports for the same. As GST returns are digitalized, you cannot fulfill your tax liability without a proper management system in place. That is why your PoS should have GST management capabilities to help you take care of everything related to goods and services tax.

  • Insightful Reporting capabilities:

  • When you have decided to invest in a PoS system, you should keep in mind that it is not only a system to handle sales transactions. You should check diligently if your system can help you dig up important business data and can help in reporting. Insightful reporting capabilities will help you keep everything under control and take important business decisions without getting your hands dirty in a pool of massive data. This will improve your business’ growth prospect in the long run.

  • Excellent support:

  • Last but not the least, your point of sale system should come with a promise of real-time support from the developers. This is essential because it will ensure your system is never stuck and when it does, you can get real-time expert support to handle the issue. This is essential to keep your store running and hence a pre-requisite for a modern point of sale system.

When you look at all the above points and compare the list with the features of HDPOS, you will see how HDPOS is an ideal PoS solution that can assist you in your business endeavors. Not only it promises efficient management of sales process, but comes with all the features that you require for taking your business to greater heights.

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