5 sure-shot ways to increase online orders by digitizing your restaurant

Posted Date : 10-April-2018

Operating a business in F&B industry is one of the most exciting propositions in the modern world. You get to know about different cuisines, meet several people and delight them with your food offerings, day in and out. However, the experience of running a restaurant has changed drastically over the years, particularly due to the advent of the internet, social media and F&B platforms. Connoisseurs nowadays seek fresh experiences and also look for ways to interact with your restaurant, digitally. In this changed equation, a restaurant can improve revenues by increasing online orders through digital mediums. Here are few tips that can help you digitize your restaurant:

Register your existing or new restaurant at online ordering portals

The best way to spike up online orders without spending much is to register your restaurant at online food ordering websites such as Zomato, Foodpanda or Swiggy. These portals have massive reach that you can leverage to gain visibility among local audiences. With the help of such portals you can start servicing orders without worrying about hassles related to maintaining a workforce for delivery operations as these portals take care of that.

Create a Responsive Website

Creating a website for taking your restaurant online is a great idea. As you start gaining visibility using third-party apps, you must start investing towards creating an online identity and branding. This will help customers associate with your brand and at the same time attract new customers towards your restaurant. Instead of relying on other websites, you can invest money in building the website and SEO to rank up in search engine results that will enable customers to know more about you. Make sure to add online ordering option in your website to give a boost to your sales.

Invest in an Online Ordering App, if possible

If you want to create a strong brand appeal and want to step up the digital game, you can think of getting a restaurant app developed. As apps stay on the mobile phones, they can be used to analyze online food ordering patterns of connoisseurs and create targeted campaigns to entice users. The data collected through campaigns can be further used to attract new customers that will surely improve the number of online orders.

Use social media to boost your online orders

Nothing is possible without intervening in the social media jungle nowadays. As social media platforms has the maximum number of engaged active users, they present a great opportunity for any kind of business to spike up their sales. When it comes to restaurants, they have an added advantages of adding up photographs of their dishes, videos of preparation and more to entice hungry connoisseurs to visit the restaurant or order online using a mobile app or website.

Install an automated POS & Restaurant Management System to Handle Orders

When thinking of digitizing your restaurant, your focus should not only be on acquiring orders but also managing the same. Make sure that you install an automated POS software that has the option of third party integration. This will ensure that your restaurant is equipped to handle incoming orders with efficiency. Not only will it make sure that your customers receive what they have ordered but will also reduce your manual effort in managing all the orders. With the help of an automated POS & restaurant management system such as HDRestaurant, you can amplify your efforts towards digitalizing your restaurant. The software will ensure that no online order gets misplaced while you sit back relaxed or thinking about taking your restaurant to greater heights.

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