5 Signs you need to opt for an automated PoS system for your retail store

Posted Date : 9-April-2018

In the retail segment, proper management is the key to success of a retail store. In order to handle growing demands of a dynamic customer base, it is important for a retail store owner to stay updated. Having a sophisticated point-of-sales solution is the first step to streamline your retail business. If you experience the following signs in your retail store, it is time for you to think of investing in an automated PoS solution:

  • Your offline store is not connected to your online business:

  • If you operate both online and offline arms of your retail business but sales and other data from both the lines is not in sync with each other, you seriously need to consider upgrading your systems. Instead of using two POS systems for offline and online retail operations, you should think of installing a solution that can provide you with integrated offline and online data. This will not only save you time but also help you in keeping a track of your inventory, efficiently.

  • Your customers/employees regularly complain about bad checkout experience:

  • In the modern retail age, it is important to delight customers through an amazing retail store experience. At the same time, it is important to keep your employees engaged to store operations. If your store employees or customers continuously complain about a bad checkout experience, you seriously need to consider installing an automated system. A fast, reliable and efficient POS system will speed up checkout operations, making it easier for both employees and customers to get what they want.

  • Measuring business performance in real-time is tough for you:

  • With real-time data you can track sales, optimize the right stock level and fine-tune your promotions. With a comprehensive set of analytics (easy accessed from laptop, tablets or smartphones) KPIs such as gross sales, staff performance and transaction value per client are visible. Business owners & managers should be able to compare current KPIs to previous periods to identify trends, patterns, and differences.

  • Your store does not have a reliable loyalty program:

  • If your retail store does not have a reliable and rewarding loyalty program, then you seriously need to take action right away. Loyalty is a valuable commodity in competitive retail landscape and if you do not have the right tools to push loyalty among your ardent customers, you are losing a lot of business. An automated POS system not only helps you to gather customer data but also assists in creating attractive loyalty management system that can be implemented to spike up sales revenues.

  • You spend hours in your backoffice trying to reconcile data:

  • If your evenings and mornings are spent working around reconciling sales data in your back office, maybe it’s time to start thinking about implementing a POS system. Manual inventory management, sales reconciliation and purchase order creation are really hard with growth in sales figure. Plus, manual reconciliation of data is prone to errors due to human negligence. If you are relying heavily on manual effort, you should definitely purchase an automated POS system. This will equip your business with the required edge to succeed in competitive online world while saving you plenty of time that you can utilize to plan your next growth move.

    If you are seeing the above signs while operating your retail store and are actively looking for a solution, choosing HDPOS can be the best option. Your store will not only benefit from streamlined data management but also will see an influx of new and existing customers who will feel delightfully satisfied with the speedy checkout process once you implement HDPOS for ringing up sales inside your store.

    HDPOS is a smart and modern automated POS software developed keeping in mind the needs of modern retail businesses. It has all the necessary features to improve store checkout experience and manage retail operations efficiently. So, do not think if your business is suffering inefficiencies of old systems, invest in a POS solution today.

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