5 good reasons to upgrade your existing PoS System

Posted Date : 8-April-2018

Just like aging is a natural process in human beings, gadgets and tech solutions also have a life cycle. According to a POS/customer engagement survey by Boston Retail Partners, every POS hardware solution has a life expectancy of three to four years. This means that every business is required to think about upgrading their Point of Sale system to leverage the benefits of modern technology and eliminate the risks associated with using an obsolete solution. There are many reasons to ditch an obsolete system in favor of a modern solution, a major one being an increase in productivity. We bring to you some other reasons that should motivate you to think about upgrading your existing POS solution.

Security Concerns

Older solutions are compatible with outdated operating systems like Windows XP that are vulnerable to security threats. Moreover, it might be hard to get security updates and support for obsolete POS systems. This leaves your critical business data at risk as hackers might get into your systems. Security threat is the greatest threat in a growing digital world. In order to keep your business data safe, it is essential to upgrade your existing system that will ensure your business is secure from the risk of security breaches.

Lack of Cloud Capabilities

Outdated systems might not be equipped with automatic cloud backup capabilities. This might lead to loss of critical business data. Older systems also were not quite developed to help you access business reports and data on-the-go. Owing to lack of cloud-based backup and retrieving features, your existing system might not be of much help in modern world. Real-time data analysis and reporting is quite difficult with old point of sale systems as they cannot process and give you access to data, whenever and wherever you need.

Lack of Uniformity in Operations

Customers as well as employees look for unified experience across multi-store retail chains. There might be a possibility of uneven experiences during checkout if you are relying on older, obsolete POS terminals with outdated software. This can turn out to be a huge turn-off not only for customers looking for a cohesive experience but also can impact your ability to hire efficient and young employees. As modern systems are connected to the cloud, it facilitates offering a streamlined experience, making the whole operations faster and easier for the stakeholders- employees and customers.

Alignment to Modern Business Needs

Legacy POS solutions were designed to handle core operations- sales management (sometimes inventory management, too). They lacked the agility to handle the challenges of a dynamic business environment with multiple sales channels (online/offline). These traditional systems also lack essential modern features like GST management, customized reporting, etc. In order to keep your business efficient, it is important to align your systems with these modern business requirements. Not only will it improve the business efficiency but will help in streamlining operations like never before.

Lack of Real-time & Efficient Support

As stated, the lifespan of a POS system is constantly being reduced. This means older POS systems are increasingly becoming obsolete because companies are withdrawing support for older hardware as well as software. This can hamper your business’ growth prospects. Relying on an obsolete solution that requires constant attention yet doesn’t have support from developers is a blunder in modern business environment. This solely can be the single most important reason to consider an upgrade for a POS solution. When you choose a modern system, you can be sure about flawless and continuous operations without any hiccups as you can contact developers any time a problem arises. If you are stuck with an old point of sale system, remember you might be losing spectacular business growth opportunities. Modern systems are more efficient to handle customer needs and provide insightful reports to help you improve operations. With the help of a modern POS solution, you can easily achieve growth objectives that might not be possible with an obsolete POS terminal. If you are considering upgrading your existing POS solution, you should keep in mind that you choose a system that provides all necessary functions for modern retail operations. HDPOS is a reliable POS software that provides several great features such as stock management, smart billing, financial accounting, customer management, loyalty point management, etc. that can enhance customer experience and improve store management. Upgrade your system to HDPOS and see the difference yourself.

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