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Restaurants be it stand alone or the fine dining ones housed within the vicinity of a hotel are public places that see high footfall on weekends. Each guest coming in and going out results in one debit and credit entry that needs to be recorded. Taxes, discounts need to be taken care of and the books need to be tallied at the end of the day. To carry out all this, you need a sound restaurant POS software that can carry out all these tasks. What was once an auxiliary service that was "nice to have" became a "must have" technology tool that was a source of enormous competitive advantage.

Posted Date : 18-November-2017

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Set your own rules : Take full control of your inventory

Inventory management is an indicator of how good you can keep a track on the bottom-line. Any manufacturing, warehousing or production capacity, in any industry cannot afford to have leakages of more than 2% as it will be detrimental to their business. When a company grows to become very big, then you need to employ more technology to make the processes work faster and increase the velocity of workflow.

Posted Date : 15-November-2017

Great stories precede great software and just because you are a small outfit does not mean that you have to rely on paper based book-keeping. Adopting world class software right at the beginning of youroperations will set in a culture of adopting best-in-class technology products which will be good for the business in the long run. Leakages happen even in the smallest of organizations in the form of under-invoicing, wastage, negligence. Every penny that comes in or goes out need to be accounted for in the form of debit and credit entries.

Posted Date : 12-November-2017

Buying the best kind of restaurant POS software can be a challenge for anyone in the food business. Being far away from technology till late 90s, this sector has suddenly seen the advent of technology like no other. With mobile apps beginning to rule the world since the beginning of this decade, food-tech enterprises have ensured that business owners embrace technology at the inception stage itself to convert their business into a super-efficient business enterprise.

Posted Date : 09-November-2017

Point-of-sale software's can actually save your business from substantial losses and offer considerable gains in the medium to long term. Every system you select will have its own set of pros and cons. But you need to decide which one is closer to your budget and can really suit your business needs precisely. It should be easy to install, easily accessible on the go with less down-time. Such intricate details can have a significant impact on the health of a business. You need to go for a different software; if you intend to manage more than one store in distinct categories.

Posted Date : 07-November-2017

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