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  • HDPOS smart is a complete Business management software.
  • Your can manage your Billing, Accounts and Inventory.
  • Design and print your barcode stickers.
  • Customize your sales invoice.
  • You can do complete data entry in Arabic language.
  • SMS and Email integration.
Posted Date : 16-December-2017

Software is the lifeline of any business and more so in the retail sector as fast-moving consumer goods are usually transacted. Innumerable benefits gain to businesses, if they choose to embrace more technology in their business by adopting the best point-of-sale software that can help power retail store businesses to sure success. Recall the Pareto principle that emphasized that 20% of customers bring 80% of the sales. We will add one more thing here that 80% of your time should go in servicing customers that offer 80% of the revenue meaning those elite 20% customers with high disposable income that your customers want badly in their fold.

Posted Date : 23-November-2017

If you are asking this question,then you are about to take the next technological leap of faith. When companies are conceptualized entrepreneurs need different tools and skills to get the required traction in the market but when the company becomes very big, then diverse kinds of skills and tools are needed like accounting software pos to succeed. A penny saved is a penny earned and inventory is hard cash.

Posted Date : 21-November-2017

Restaurants be it stand alone or the fine dining ones housed within the vicinity of a hotel are public places that see high footfall on weekends. Each guest coming in and going out results in one debit and credit entry that needs to be recorded. Taxes, discounts need to be taken care of and the books need to be tallied at the end of the day. To carry out all this, you need a sound restaurant POS software that can carry out all these tasks. What was once an auxiliary service that was "nice to have" became a "must have" technology tool that was a source of enormous competitive advantage.

Posted Date : 18-November-2017

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Set your own rules : Take full control of your inventory

Inventory management is an indicator of how good you can keep a track on the bottom-line. Any manufacturing, warehousing or production capacity, in any industry cannot afford to have leakages of more than 2% as it will be detrimental to their business. When a company grows to become very big, then you need to employ more technology to make the processes work faster and increase the velocity of workflow.

Posted Date : 15-November-2017

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