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Just like aging is a natural process in human beings, gadgets and tech solutions also have a life cycle. According to a POS/customer engagement survey by Boston Retail Partners, every POS hardware solution has a life expectancy of three to four years.

Posted Date : 08-April-2018

Running a business in the 21st century is not so easy. With growing customer expectation and increasing competition, achieving your business objectives is really hard. You need to take some long-term decisions when you are in process of setting up your business. And one such decision is choosing the right PoS software to assist you in operations.

Posted Date : 07-April-2018

Streamlining operations is a challenge every retailer has to face. As retailing is a tough job, retailers need advanced tools and technologies to help them improve their store efficiency and output. Manual management of important tasks such as invoicing, inventory management and sales reporting can lead to losses due to human inefficiency. To overcome the problems related to inefficiency, it is important to set up systems in place that can take care of invoicing process automatically.

Posted Date : 06-April-2018

When you own a business in food & beverage industry, you ought to delight your customers not only through food but also through an amazing dining experience. No matter if you own a small casual dine restaurant or a top-notch fine dine restaurant, diners need to feel a sense of comfort and association in coming to your restaurant.

Posted Date : 05-April-2018

Technology has drastically altered everything we do in the world including the way we shop for essentials. Modern retail stores are seen ringing up sales using advanced PoS software that were nowhere to be seen about a decade back.

So, what is it that made these systems take over the traditional cash registers?

Posted Date : 07-March-2018

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