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Many startups start their business with spreadsheets, but, it is an error-prone method and requires a lot of manual efforts. Relying on billing software hosted on the cloud can help you save time, make real-time changes, avoid costly errors, get better reporting and make good decisions.
For years, cloud-based technology has been talked about as an asset in the marketplace. As it continues to grow, more and more small businesses are finding that their operations are directly benefited from the cloud.

Posted Date : 15-July-2018

Restaurant management POS system has changed the way restaurants conduct business. For the small business owners in the restaurant industry, it has made life much easier. Technology is having a huge impact on restaurants everywhere.

Posted Date : 12-July-2018

Instead of relying on paper billing, manual spreadsheet-based billing adopting modern billing techniques such as cloud billing software will go a long way in improving customer experience. Not only does invoice automation ensures prompt invoice delivery to the customers, but speeds up the sales process, delighting customers and improving their experience. This will help you in building a long-term relationship with the customers that will significantly improve loyalty and growth prospects of your retail business.

Posted Date : 02-July-2018

Operating a business in F&B industry is one of the most exciting propositions in the modern world. You get to know about different cuisines, meet several people and delight them with your food offerings, day in and out.

Posted Date : 10-April-2018

In the retail segment, proper management is the key to success of a retail store. In order to handle growing demands of a dynamic customer base, it is important for a retail store owner to stay updated. Having a sophisticated point-of-sales solution is the first step to streamline your retail business. If you experience the following signs in your retail store, it is time for you to think of investing in an automated PoS solution.

Posted Date : 09-April-2018

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