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If you have to deliver goods to the customer from different counters/ locations depending upon the nature of the item, yet you want to maintain single cash/ billing counter, this feature will be useful for you. You can print KOTs for the items grouped counter wise on same or various different printers on the network.
Posted Date : 10-July-2017

HDPOS smart (POS Software) is lot more than just Point of Sale service software. It can handle and track material or products, receipts from your customers for replacing, customisation, tailoring needs personalization etc.

HDPOS smart (Point of Sale Software) not only tracks the work flow of items received from customers, it allows you to keep customers in the node and facilitates sending SMS, emails to customers at various points in the work flow of the customers requests.

When you receive an item from customer you create a customer receipt document in HDPOS smart (GST Ready POS Software). This document number and document date can be emailed or SMS to customer as well as printed.

Posted Date : 01-July-2017

HDPOS smart (Retail Billing Software) is a state of the art software that is designed to automate retail billing counters and point of sale terminals. It is especially good at handling inventory and financial accounting besides billing activities. This is a feature reach application that can used in variety of retail outlets like grocery store, garment stores, shoe shops, coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, gift shops to name a few.

Posted Date : 15-June-2017

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