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Every retailer try to delight their customers. They hire more employees, buy advanced retail software, give them extra services etc. But every once in a while they have to face one angry or rude customer.

Posted Date : 12-December-2018

The modern-day POS systems are way more advanced than a simple cash register used on any device. But among so many software in the market it also become very confusing. So, whether you are running a cafe, a food junction or any other retail store, we are sharing you the 6 things you should consider before you make any purchasing decision.

Posted Date : 06-December-2018

We are living in a generation where we witness technological advancements every now and then. From data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to augmented reality and virtual reality, cutting-edge technologies have paved way for innovative possibilities. These technologies have forayed into various sectors and led to enhanced convenience, productivity and efficiency.

Posted Date : 04-December-2018

Goods and Service Tax in short GST has created a great revolution for the businesses in India. Before the implementation of GST, taxation process was a little tiresome but with GST, it has become easy to file the taxes.

But filing GST taxes takes a little bit more time and it is important for the business owners to make sure that the details that they enter are hundred percent accurate. This will take a little bit more time and efforts but in order to make it easy, the businesses can use the GST billing software. It will also automates the process and makes it easier to file the taxes. Some of the small and medium-sized businesses aren't aware of the benefits that this GST compliant billing software has.

Posted Date : 27-November-2018

With the advancement in banking technology and the wide availability of internet, the mode of payment people prefer to pay nowadays has entirely changed. As sustaining a high cash flow is one of the chief priority for any commerce, businesses in modern times can't be operated efficiently without accepting any sort of online payment. If you are having a business of selling services or products over a website, and you don't allow online payment accepting, you are likely to lose a substantial chunk of trade. By accepting online bill payments businesses can offer their patrons an opportunity to pay through various online payment gateways across the globe and make billing a hassle-free procedure. It also assists in diminishing the substantial amount of paper invoices that are utilized to send Physical invoices.

Posted Date : 23-November-2018

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