GST Enabled Billing Software In India- Benefits and Choice

October 11, 2021 in Inventory

GST Enabled Billing Software In India- Benefits and Choice

Are you still stuck in manual accounting and billing techniques of the past and wondering how to grow your business to the next level? If yes, This article is a must-read for you. We often come across a stage in our business when keeping records and standardizing billing manually becomes exhausting. That’s when technology comes to Light With GST-enabled billing, inventory management, and automated payment reminders, billing software is a blessing for your business. 

What Impact does Billing Software have on your Business?

There are multiple advantages of integrating billing and inventory management software in your business.

Growth via Automation

Automation is the cornerstone for growth in any business and unless you develop systems, it’s almost impossible to scale a business. Having a Billing Management Software is the first step towards setting up a system and enabling growth. 

There comes a stage in all businesses where your company is growing and you get overburdened with work. That is when technology comes into play with software such as HDPOS Smart. This is a state-of-the-art billing management software that has all the features such as CRM, Inventory tracking, POS device management, GST enabled billing, and more. 

Inventory Management 

Managing inventory is one of the most important aspects of a business and especially if you are into retail, having inventory management software is a must. A billing software integrated with inventory management features, enables live tracking of warehouse stock, reports non-moving and expired items, and provides reminders to re-order new stock. The software provides a detailed analysis of the fast-moving and slow-moving items. This gives you an exact idea of the items to re-order and in what quantity.  

Inventory and Sales Support 

Billing and inventory management software enables support to all POS devices such as barcode scanners, computers, and other hardware enabling a smooth billing experience on the sales desk. It provides delivery receipts, Daily sales reports, Record expenses, Track orders, and print GST enabled invoices. 

CRM Enabled

Another advantage of having a billing software is that you get a “ready to go”  customer retention system. This includes a rewards or point structure, increasing customer loyalty, retention, and sales. 

Acquiring new customers is more difficult than retaining your customers. So, if you are willing to increase sales and grow your business to the next level, then managing Customer Relationship is a must.  

Multiple Payment Modes 

With online payments such as UPI, Credit cards, and Debit Cards gaining huge traction you need to accept payments in multiple online as well as offline modes. But how to keep a track of all those payments? 

Billing software helps you keep an accurate track of the sales, along with the mode of payment. You can rest assured, None of your payments or sales will go unaccounted for. 

Having a billing software is essential for the growth of your business. You can choose from a wide range of software products such as HDPOS Smart, Zoho bill pay, Vyapaar, and more. HDPOS Smart is a widely used billing software that comes enabled with GST invoices along with features such as Inventory tracking and CRM.