Billing Software in Bangalore during the Lock down

April 4, 2020 in Restaurant management

Billing Software in Bangalore during the Lock down

Dealing with Covid-19 stress

It is not until times get tough that we realize how important things are we have always taken for granted. Customers and sellers are finding it hard to manage the increasing demand and uncertainty of the availability of essential products. We see people standing in long queues, their carts filled with goods to last them for weeks or even months.

Despite the danger of Coronavirus being spread, people are visiting grocery stores and supermarkets in dozens and even hundreds. It has come to the point where those who wait for the crowd to disperse are finding empty shelves in the stores. So how do stores manage in such times? They have to keep track of the inventory, ensure the billing process is fast, and most importantly find a way to help customers buy the required products from home.

There is need to fulfill increased demand

The big names in eCommerce have gone out of stock and are not able to deliver products. It falls on the grocery stores to keep up with the demands of the customers. And it has to be done without breaking the rules of the lock-down or risking the lives of people in this pandemic.

One platform to run your online business

Here is where the best Billing Software In Bangalore comes to the rescue. Developed for individual industries, the software can be used by a store of any business volume. Be it a supermarket, a grocery store, or vegetable market, the software will help owners streamline their inventory, simplify the billing process, allow multiple payment methods, and integrate in-store selling with online sales.

Customers do not have to visit the store to make purchases. They can place an order online and make the payment. The website is integrated with the software, allowing store owners to use a single database to manage the business. The ordered products can be delivered at the destinations by employees of the store. This will allow customers to stay at home and buy the required goods.

Ecommerce HDPOS

Especially during this Navratri season where people are fasting and eat only certain food items, it becomes all the more essential to be able to provide them with the required items. Fresh fruits, Tapioca (sabudana), Samak rice and flour (barnyard millet), etc. are some of the essential goods that need to be in constant supply.

Moving the stock from the warehouse and suppliers to the stores, weighing them, adding them to the inventory list, making the list available online for customers to book from their homes, accepting payment online, and managing various payments at the end of the day are a part of the business operations. The Supermarket ERP Software can be used on any device. It works well on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The products can be categorized based on the brand, type (consumables and non-consumables), date of manufacturing, and the date of expiry. Even printing barcodes is no hassle when using the software. While branded products already have a barcode, store owners can add a code for their own for easy identification. The best part is that there is no need to buy any special printer to print bar codes. A routine laser printer can be used to print the codes on an A4 sticker sheet.

Business owners can keep track of the sales and payments from any location. They can generate reports by filtering and sorting the data based on multiple factors. This will allow them to have full control over the business at any point in time. Ordering new stock, generating invoices, paying suppliers, serving customers, and managing accounts can be done on a single platform.

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