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Time Token Management

Very useful for business which provides time-based services like Gaming Centre, Amusement Parks etc. Define Time token for fixed unit of time or for incremental time in case your customer wants to use the service for additional amount of time.

Time Token for Gaming Center

Record the duration and make invoice

Time Token feature of HDPOS smart allows you to manage your Sales Invoice without any need of maintaining stock in your inventory. This is helpful when you have a service that you charge by time, Example: Internet usage service, parking lots, gym facilities, sports facilities, etc. Record the start time of the service by creating the time token for the customer. Raise the invoice by recording the end time of the service and charge the customer for the time spent on the service.

Notify Customers prior to their time limit.

Time token feature has the capabilities of sending alert SMS’s and Email to customer to notify that their time is about to run out. If you have a business where time token length is predefined, then
you can create or add time token items when you create your invoice. In this scenario typically you may also want to print one or more copies of Time Token when you print Invoice. You will be able to do this by setting up additional receipt printer. You can also use predefined time token software system report to setup your time token printing needs.

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