Table Management
Efficiently manage guests through the entire dining experience
Manage tables and wait list. Empower your restaurant to work smarter and fill more tables

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Manage tables and wait list

You can now focus on your passion for catering and leave the business management to HDRestaurant. HDRestaurant manages your tables very efficiently in a pictorial interface. You can specify the number of tables you have in your restaurant and number of people that can sit on each table. Table management helps you monitor status of each table and also predict when next table will be available in your rush hours.

Table Reservation

Table Dashboard

The table dashboard window displays tables created against each hall, with information such as the table number, table location, status, number of chairs, etc., which provides you a snapshot of the table. The information displayed in these tables can be configured to show such information as required by you, for each of the statuses - available, occupied, reserved, and merged.

Table Reservation

Manage multiple halls which will allow you to have a different price list for different halls. At the time of the reservation for a specific table, the table reservation will show you the tables as reserved. You can check availability of your tables at a future date and reserve them for your customers in advance.

Manage Waiting list for Tables

You can manage your table waiting list very efficiently while managing status of your tables. Add customer to the waiting list with seating preferences. Assign tables to waiting customers once available. Check the availability of the tables while booking a table for reservation.

Notify Customers

Notify waiting customers via SMS when a table is ready for them. You can cancel them from your waiting list on customers request.

Shift Tables

HDRestaurant provides the facility to shift your table from one to another depending on the preference if it’s not yet allocated to another customer. The table can be shifted any time even if you already had an invoice on your present table.

Merge tables with separate or with single KOT.

In your business you may need to merge (combine) several tables together to accommodate group of people. For example, a group of 10 people might require bringing 3 tables together to form a single larger table. If tables are merged with a single KOT, then you can maintain a single invoice for all the tables in the mergedgroup. You also get the option to unmerge the tables if they are merged by mistake.

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