Manage and track serial numbers and label numbers of your electrical and electronics items

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Manage your electronics items by serial number

Business dealing with electronic or electrical appliances, it becomes necessary to keep track of each and every individual piece of equipment. Most of the piece of equipment is assigned some serial number by the manufacture by which they can be identified or in some cases it becomes important that you yourself assign a label number of your choice to items for managing the inventory.
HDPOS provides extensive functionality to manage and track these serial numbers and label numbers. You can check history of individual serial number to locate it in your warehouses and also to find out which supplier had supplied it to you and which customer has purchased it from you.

Serial Number management system

Serial Number Management

Labeling items and managing them using unique identification numbers is essential for every retail business for this makes tracking and billing very easy. HDPOS can act as your very own label printing software and provide you unique serial numbers for your products
Label (Serial number) is a unique number attached to an item. Assigning labels to your items at time of GRN, Sales Invoice and Stock transfer. You can easily track what label numbers were sold to which customers and view item labels that are available in each of the warehouse.  HDPOS gives you more flexible option to scan the Items by its label number for billing purpose.

Additional Serial number for items

Label management in HDPOS allows you to scan the label number partially if you are having more than one label number for your items. For ex: If you are dealing with mobile phones, you may have label numbers like serial number, IMEI number, battery number etc. With this option, you can scan only the IMEI number which will add the Item for the billing.
HDPOS comes with a variety of system reports for printing the label numbers. You can upload labels in the system in bulk using excel import option. HDPOS also gives you the option to reuse the same label numbers even when they are sold to your customers in the past.

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