Easily manage your purchases, supplier payments, supplier credit notes

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Manage your Purchase

Complete purchase cycle for large enterprise. Create your purchase orders before making GRN (Good receipt note). If you don't want to go for extra data entry efforts for creating purchase orders, create GRN directly. Manage your supplier payments, supplier credit notes.

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Creating purchase order or GRN

Supplier Profile

Record and save suppliers details such as contact information, payment terms, supplier category, preferred supplier etc.. HDPOS Smart also supports excel import to add / modify your existing supplier list.

Purchase orders

Quickly create a purchase order for the products running below reorder level. Choose the supplier with the least price, preferred supplier, or last supplier from where the product was purchased.

Goods Receipt Note

Create a goods receipt note against respective purchase orders. receive stock partially from PO and manage PO status (pending, cleared and cancelled). Option to keep certain GRN on hold until the discrepancy in it is resolved

Supplier Credit Note

Generate a “Credit Note” for your supplier against a GRN, and reduce your accounts payable in cases such as the return of damaged goods.

Purchase Return

Manage purchase return for overstock, recalled, or damaged goods. Auto adjustment of stock and financial accounts once transaction is made.

Effective Purchase Price

Calculate the effective cost of the products. Set sales margin for products by calculating freight charges, taxes and additional charges.

Supplier Payments

Record all payments made to your supplier against a GRN through multiple payment methods, including cash, check and bank transfer.

Additional Payments

Record additional expenses such as transportation charges and freight Charges incurred in receiving the stock.


Get purchase details report by location or supplier, etc.

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