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Support for multiple printers, barcode stickers, catalog printing.

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What HDPOS Smart Supports

HDPOS allows printing in both Text and Graphics mode. Graphical reports are printed on Laser or Inkjet printer. Select a default printer on which all documents like sales invoice, purchase order, sales return, purchase return and reports, etc can be printed. You can use your Pre-printed stationery and adjust report definitions to fit your layout. Print multiple copies of Sales Invoice or any other documentation at the same time.

Advantages of Dot Matrix Printer

Most windows program print on dot-matrix printers but in graphics mode. Printing in Graphics mode on dot-matrix printer is slow and uses lot more ribbon. HDPOS prints in pure Text mode on dot matrix printers utilizing their complete Speed and keeping them Economical. This saves printer ribbon and prolongs the life of printer heads and print outs are much faster compared to printing in graphic mode. Dot matrix printers in HDPOS work just the way they do in old DOS based/ Fox-pro based applications.

Print to Multiple Printers Simultaneously

You can print your Sales Invoice & order slip like document on two printers at the same time. This is very useful for Restaurants and Fast food businesses. When your customer places order you can print bill for customer and print another copy in the Kitchen at the same time.

Ask for Print Format and Printer on every Print

In Business, we deal with many different types of items. Some items require a different format of invoice printing than others. You can specify that you will choose what format you would like to use for printing an invoice and which printer is to be used while printing an invoice. HDPOS will even remember your last three choices to make it very quick and easy for you to pick the correct format and correct printer.

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