Payroll Management

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Advanced Payroll Management

HDPOS comes with a robust and powerful Payroll solution that can manage all the needs for administration. With HDPOS, spend less time running payroll for your employees so that you can focus on growing your business.  
The Payroll feature is completely integrated with accounts. It comprises of three modules: Salary Rules, Leaves and Salary Statements.

Auto calculation of salary for your employees with payroll management system

Salary Rules

Create salary rule to define earnings and deductions for your employees. Define multiple salary structures for your staffs and managers and associate the right salary rule with each employee.

HDPOS completely supports deduction calculations like Provident Fund (PF), Employee Insurance Schemes (ESI) along with Professional Tax (PT) etc where you have the option to select the contribution that is coming from employee and employers as well. Complex deduction calculations can be easily handled in HDPOS.

Salary Statements

HDPOS allows you to define attendance of your employees on a monthly basis. Define the days worked by your employees and system will automate and calculates their Gross salary, Total deductions, and Net salary. You can also enter the amount of Tax deducted at source (TDS) while creating the attendance sheet. You can easily record the leaves taken by the employees in the calendar.

Salary calculation against employee attendance is much easier. You can define the maximum working hours and system will calculate overtime (OT) amount based on the working hours of the employee.


Define leave programs for your employees based on the working days and joining date. Leaves can be used fractionally, carried forward to next month if not used. You can manually enter the leaves that are taken by the employees while creating the attendance sheet or allow the system to automate and calculate their leaves.

Gratuity & Loans

With HDPOS, acknowledge the efforts of your long serving employees with automated gratuity calculation. Support your employee’s financial needs with loans and track them until they are repaid. The loan amount can be recovered in installments from the employee’s salary. Easily generate reports that are much needed for Employees, Pay slips, Leaves, and Attendance.

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