Multiple Currencies

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HDERP comes with a robust feature of managing multiple currencies for Sales, Purchases and financial accounting. This becomes useful for the users who run their business with multiple currencies. HDERP allows you to manage one primary currency which is the base currency and allows you to create many non-primary currencies.

Manage business in multiple currency

Unlimited Currencies

HDERP supports unlimited currencies. Manage primary and non-primary currencies. Define currency conversion rates for non-primary currencies with respect to the primary currency.

Currency Conversion Rates

User-defined currency conversions rates. Option to override conversion rates.

Sales and Purchase

Make invoices in multiple currencies and HDERP will generate financial transactions in the currency used in the sales invoice. You can also allow financial transactions to be converted in primary currency when you receive payments in non-primary currency.

Currency for Supplier

HDERP automatically selects the currency in a purchase as soon as you select the supplier. Currency country in HDERP is directly linked with the supplier country. This becomes helpful when making purchase entries and also reduces the mistake of selecting the wrong currency for a supplier.

Financial Accounting

Manage your financial accounting in multiple currencies. View Accounting ledgers in multiple currencies. Record your expenses in the currency you want. Maintain separate cash registers for each of the currency. Convert your non-primary currency amount into primary currency by passing a money transfer conversion entry.


Create detailed analytical reports of payables and receivables in primary or foreign currency. You can generate various reports to know your data with multiple currencies.