Supplier Management

With our built-in supplier features, you can streamline your purchases. You can generate purchase orders, track payments, manage returns and more.

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Vendor Management

Add/Modify supplier details

Our easy-to-use interface lets you record and save suppliers details such as contact information, payment terms, supplier category, GSTIN and place of supply. HDPOS Smart also supports excel import to add/modify your existing supplier list.

Preferred Supplier

Prioritize the suppliers with the best prices for efficient purchase order creation. Quickly create a purchase order for the products running below reorder point by choosing the suppliers with the least prices, preferred supplier, or last supplier where the products are being purchased.

Purchase Returns

In a retail business, you may need to return the products back to supplier due to various reasons such as overstock, recalled products or damaged products. Managing the purchase return is very important for any retailer as it increases the chance of inventory and accounting discrepancies. In HDPOS Smart you can easily create a purchase return and our software automatically adjust your inventory and financial accounts.

Supplier Payments

Record all payments made to your supplier against a GRN through multiple payment methods, including cash, check and bank transfer. Our reporting feature gives you valuable information about supplier payments, you can track the pending payments by the supplier which helps you to make payment to your supplier as per the payment terms.

Supplier Credit Note

Generate a “Credit Note” if you are returning goods to your supplier or there are situations when the product you bought from your supplier has been overvalued. A supplier credit note can be issued to adjust that payment amount. This amount can be used in your future purchases from the same supplier.

Check Printing

You can print the check issued to the supplier through HDPOS smart. We have got various system reports of the checks for different banks. HDPOS smart will make all financial transactions in your books of account based on your check clearing date.

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