Manage your large Inventory
Stock, stock transfer, labels, batch, stock audits, drill down.

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Manage your large Inventory

Managing inventory or large number of items is a critical requirement of any retail business. This easy stock management software provides many intuitive ways of managing, tracking and correcting your stock.

Add your existing items using an Excel file. Use our Item import template to build your product list in minutes.

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Multi level inventory management

Experience many different “Views” of the Inventory

Define your own Inventory view on the fly.

Add any number of data fields of different data types. For example, if you are a garment shop, you can customize your product details by adding color, gender, size, etc. You can add data fields of age group, gender, demographics, birthday, anniversary date to your customer details. You can have many different “Views” of the Inventory. Each view can have many different levels of Categories.

handle Categories and sub-categories easily

Consolidated Stock

This store inventory management software offers you high end analytical tools to view consolidation of your stock in many different ways. Not only that you can view your stock at hand in the hierarchy you define, but also you can view your sales figures by these hierarchies as well. You can also consolidate and print the quantities of products in your sales invoice for quick re-validation at the exit door. 

Check your stock at different levels with inventory handling pos

Categories & Sub-categories

You can introduce a new category level in your line of products at any time.
Inventory can be viewed at any category level with rolled up totals. Dynamic drill-down view of your inventory is available at a click.

Inventory drill down software


Easy ways to move stock from one warehouse to another with a complete audit trail. Moreover, if your warehouses are located at long physical distances from each other, it help you to keep your stock in transit before it reaches to the destination warehouse.


Manage different Measuring unit for the same commodity for purchase and sale. Easy auto conversion between wholesale bundles to lose sale (auto Make and Break). Management of service Items like stitching clothes, billable appointment, repairing, etc. Management of internal stock used for performing services.


An easy and quick way to do stock audits and finding discrepancies in actual stock and expected stock. Manage dump stock (for example, fruits and vegetables). Support for EXCEL files while doing stock audits.

Label Numbers

Create label numbers and assign to inventory items to keep track of the stock counts.

Batch & Expiry

Keep track of your product batch numbers and their corresponding expiration dates. Use manual batch or FIFO.


Maintain stock levels of required products based on your business needs. Get notifications about low stock, reorder in time and never loose a sale.

Stock Valuation

Stock valuation based on First in First Out (FIFO) or you can choose to calculate the value of your stock by last purchase value Get Stock Valuation reports as of any date

Stock Drill Down

Inventory can be viewed at any category level with rolled up totals. Dynamic Drill-Down view of your inventory is available at a click.